Davenport at Night

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So one night a bunch of us decided to drive down to Davenport and shoot the stars and watch the moonset. It’s so fun to shoot with other photographers. You really get to step out of your comfort zone.

I’m glad  A.D. Wheeler was there because he so nice to help everyone out with their night shots. He sacrificed so much of his time walking back and forth making sure everyone had laser focus and their settings were correct. I’ve always admired Beau Rogers‘ night images. By the the end of the night, I some how made my way next to him and really enjoyed just standing there and talking to him about night shooting. He even let me borrow his lens which was super awesome because the lens that I had was definitely not fast enough to capture all these stars. In all, I’m super grateful for the Arcanum or else I would of never met these awesome guys or any of the other talented photographers I was with in San Francisco.

Woah! This post turned into a mush fest real quick. Sorry about that.