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Officially back from an unforgettable weekend in Philly and DC. I’ve been smiling ear to ear thinking about all the fun times and people that I met.

First I met up with all my friends from the Arcanum. Erin, Jessica, Kim, Ron, AD, and Derek . Talk about surreal moment when there isn’t a computer screen in between us. I had a BLAST catching up and getting to know each other all at the same time 🙂 Thanks to Erin for your fun energy on the photowalk and Jessica for fixing my glasses! I don’t know what I would of done without your skills. Kim, Ron, AD, and Derek for walking around with me and just being my friend.

Then I met Trey and Curtis. Here’s a secret- they look EXACTLY the same as they do on the internet. It’s pretty crazy to give them hugs and have a few drinks with them. While you’re talking to them, you totally forget that they’re so popular and just think of them as regular cool people.

And meeting everyone else from the photowalk was so much fun 🙂 There were so many people at both photowalks that I’ve known online for so long but haven’t seen in a while or met for the first time. It made me so happy to be a part of such a fun community of awesome photographers.

And then my bestie got married the very next day!! AHHH overall the best weekend ever.

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While I was in Philadelphia, I spent most of my time at the University of Pennsylvania. I remember visiting the campus a while ago when my cousin was an undergrad there but haven’t been back since. I LOVED the campus. At first I loved how close all the colleges were together (Drexel, Penn, Wharton) but then while I was walking around I feel in love with the community. Everyone is so nice and friendly. I felt like I was home. The campus itself was beautiful and very clean. I also liked how there were plenty of shops and restaurants in the area to keep me entertained.

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Home from Philly and it was a blast! I wish I could of stayed longer but hope to visit again sometime soon.

Luckily, my friend Michele lives in Philly and was able to meet me up for a lunch date. She’s an artist as well and thought that I would love the Urban Outfitters Headquarters. She was right! I’ve never seen such a beautifully decorated office and it’s right in the Navy Yard so the vibe was totally awesome. Couldn’t you just sit in this little magazine reading area forever? I want to lay down and stare at those flowers.

Although I love the flowers, I think the guy’s facial expression is my favorite part of the picture. I didn’t even notice he was looking at me while I was taking the picture. I saw it while I was editing it in Photoshop. HAHA!

Hi Everyone!

Philadelphia for the weekend was so much fun. Check out some clips of the city of brotherly love:

Here are some of the final images:
Philadelphia City Hall at Night
Swann Memorial Fountain
Philadelphia Skyline at Night

Now that I’m home, I kinda missed going to the National Mall, so here’s the Jefferson Memorial Interior.
Finally, the Kenilworth Water Lilies have bloomed.

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