shark fin cove

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Rarely do I shoot night time images. I love them for the same reasons as I love shooting sunrise. It’s the time of day that you’re usually by yourself. You feel the freedom to just wonder (with a good flashlight). Everything is usually so still and quite. But there’s one good reason that I don’t shoot it that often. It’s because I’m such a morning person now that staying up late is so difficult for me. LOL. For the same reasons of why I hear people who never shoot sunrise, is the same reason why I hardly shoot nigh time. Especially the time of night where you can really see the stars shining bright, usually around 2 or 3am. Man, oh man do I wish you could sleep all during the day, wake up in time for sunset and stay up all night til sunrise and be able to function like a normal human being that way. In other words, why can’t the world just revolve around my photography schedule? Just kidding. Not really, but kind of.

This was shot in Davenport, California at Shark Fin Cove. A beautiful location in the middle of the night or during the day. Now that Andrew and I are on our trip together, I’m hoping to shoot some more night time images. Nothing is guaranteed because we are planning on some cool stuff during the day too. Hopefully I can squeeze in a cat nap so we can take some night images like this. Nothing like sitting in the middle of no where with a whole bunch of stars lighting your path.

Since I shot this on a Rokinon 14mm lens, I am not able to see what my aperture setting was. I’m assuming it was as wide as I could get it at 2.8 but I know for sure that it was 8 seconds long at ISO 2000.

All photos available for print and licensing >

So one night a bunch of us decided to drive down to Davenport and shoot the stars and watch the moonset. It’s so fun to shoot with other photographers. You really get to step out of your comfort zone.

I’m glad  A.D. Wheeler was there because he so nice to help everyone out with their night shots. He sacrificed so much of his time walking back and forth making sure everyone had laser focus and their settings were correct. I’ve always admired Beau Rogers‘ night images. By the the end of the night, I some how made my way next to him and really enjoyed just standing there and talking to him about night shooting. He even let me borrow his lens which was super awesome because the lens that I had was definitely not fast enough to capture all these stars. In all, I’m super grateful for the Arcanum or else I would of never met these awesome guys or any of the other talented photographers I was with in San Francisco.

Woah! This post turned into a mush fest real quick. Sorry about that.