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I need to start marking my calendars better because I feel like I’m always missing the moon phases. Last week there was an amazingly beautiful full moon rise and I found all about it on social media. It’s all good though because I would not have been able to capture it on the best day to see it but I still would have like to know. Lol.

My invitation must have gotten lost in the mail or something. So I went out the next morning way before sunrise to photograph the full moon setting and it was still so beautiful.

In my head I wanted to capture the moon in the corner of the Lincoln Memorial so I started off by the WWII Memorial. I figured the opposite end of the reflecting pool may be a good place to start and probably where I’d stand the entire time. After about 10 minutes I got bored so I started walking along the edge of the pool to see what if there was anything more to offer. The more I walked the more I realized all the compositions I was missing by just standing at the reflecting pool edge. I’ve learned my lesson though. Next time I want to photograph the moonset, I need to start at the Lincoln Memorial and move backwards.

This image was taken when I finally arrived at the Lincoln Memorial. As you can see, I was so close to it that it almost looks like the moon is almost ready to dip below the horizon. Had I started here earlier, then it would have probably been a little more interesting and something more of what I had in mind. Regardless, I still like it 🙂

My camera settings for this image is F6.3 at 1/500th sec at ISO 320 with my Sony A7II and 70-200mm ultra zoom lens.

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It’s what everyone’s talking about and I’m still undecided if I want to shoot the solar eclipse on Monday. There are several reasons why but one of the biggest ones is that we’ll only be able to see a partial eclipse from the DC Metro area. Unfortunately we’re not in line with where total eclipse will be taking place. So I’m still undecided if I even want to try. I’m not even sure if I will even have the right equipment for it. Theres just so much hype surrounding the eclipse. It’s difficult to not fall into the trap. I may just try my best with what I have and if it turns out, then it turns out. Don’t be upset if I don’t get anything 🙂

Anyways, here’s a pretty image of the Washington Monument at sunset to distract you from all the eclipse talk. HAHA.

I love shooting the monument at sunset. If you’re there at the right time when the sun in shining directly on the monument, then it turns these amazing colors of red and orange. It’s like a sword in the sky with how powerful it looks. It’s absolutely breathtaking in real life. And to capture it with all these trees as framing was an added bonus. The Washington Monument is truly different at all times of the day. You just have to be aware of what you are witnessing.

The settings for this image was F6.3 at 1/80th of a second at ISO 25o handheld.

Hope you all have a great weekend. And if you’re planning on shooting the eclipse, best of luck to you! Tell me where you’re shooting from and send me your shots. I’d love to see them! May your day be filled with clear skies and plenty of space on your memory card!

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Last night was kinda crazy. I was shocked to see how many people showed up to shoot the Super Moon. As we were pulling in, Andrew said “How did all these people know about your secret spot?” LOL Obviously netherlands carillon isn’t a secret spot but I didn’t know THAT many people would show up. Check out my Instagram story to see just how crazy it was.

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My dad had been asking me to take pictures of the moon all weekend and was finally able to last night 🙂 This one is for him. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to capture it at it’s fullest but this ain’t bad if you ask me.

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So one night a bunch of us decided to drive down to Davenport and shoot the stars and watch the moonset. It’s so fun to shoot with other photographers. You really get to step out of your comfort zone.

I’m glad  A.D. Wheeler was there because he so nice to help everyone out with their night shots. He sacrificed so much of his time walking back and forth making sure everyone had laser focus and their settings were correct. I’ve always admired Beau Rogers‘ night images. By the the end of the night, I some how made my way next to him and really enjoyed just standing there and talking to him about night shooting. He even let me borrow his lens which was super awesome because the lens that I had was definitely not fast enough to capture all these stars. In all, I’m super grateful for the Arcanum or else I would of never met these awesome guys or any of the other talented photographers I was with in San Francisco.

Woah! This post turned into a mush fest real quick. Sorry about that.