Sunflower Fields Wilting

sunflowers, sad, wilting, sunrise, morning

Hopefully in a few weeks there will be more sunflower fields to photograph.

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Morning Cherry Blossom Glow

cherry blossoms, tidal basin, trees, japanese, sakura, washington dc, sunrise, spring,

Early morning at the Tidal Basin. The sun made the flowers glow.


Storm Approaching the Washington Monument

washington monument, storm, clouds, rain, jefferson memorial, washington monument, washington dc, travel, weather, america, usa, rain

Just one of the storms we experienced last week in the district. Love these clouds.


Sunflower Pictures

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Georgetown, Washington DC

georgetown, light trails, cars, buses, city bus, light, wisconsin, urban outfitters, washington dc, travel, traffic, cars,

Stormy day in DC, I thought it would be fun to try to catch some light trails in Georgetown. Plus, I was waiting for the husband to come out of the Nike store…


Tidal Basin Storm

tidal basin, jefferson memorial, washington monument, clouds, storm, rain, panoramic, pano, sidewalk, washington dc, america, usa

Another stormy panoramic in the city.



sunflowers, sunflower field, flowers, sunrise, clouds, weather, maryland, md, mckee beshers, wildlife, hdr, photography, photo, america, travel,

The flowers were loving the dryer weather this morning and so was I!


My Storm Chasing Photo Assistant

frankenstein, frankie, woopan, jefferson memorial, storm, clouds, rain, shih tzu, puppy, dog, washington dc

And he loves it!


Great Falls Storm

great falls, storm, rain, thunder, lightening, virgina, va, park, state park, water, waterfall, hdr, landscape

Another one from the stormy night at Great Falls Park.


New York City Fireworks