Arlington Skyline

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I was driving home from taking pictures at the Tidal Basin when I just had to pull over. I loved how the light from the clouds was reflecting into the water.


Redo of a Manassas Tree

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I was going through some old images and ran across this one. The first time I processed it, it was horribly HDR’ed with unbelievable color and was just overall hard to look at.


Walking to the Washington Monument

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A dark and cloudy day by the Roosevelt Memorial


Old Town Alexandria, Virginia

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As I was taking this picture, I thought to myself how crazy it is that there are such quiet places like this so close to DC.


Washington DC Temple

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Anyone recognize this building? I remember when I was little we used always drive by it on the highway and I always thought it was Cinderella’s castle.


Lion in DC

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Standing tall and standing proud.


Walking Around the National Portrait Gallery, DC

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Love walking around and seeing cool lines and staircases like this.


National Portrait Gallery DC

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The National Portrait Gallery is a small museum in DC but so interesting. Who doesn’t love to look at art and learn about public figures in history or even lesser known people who have made an impact in the world.


Bird in DC

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Bird, Bird, Bird. Bird is the word.

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DC Metro

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Guess What! It wasn’t really a secret, but I never mentioned. But I moved! Not far from where I used to live, but now I’m walking distance to the metro. So the other day, I didn’t have much going on and decided to hope on the metro to see where it would lead me. It was a lot of fun and hope to do it more often and explore the city even more.

Any cool metro stop suggestions?