Snow Trees

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Here we go again…

Another snow day. It seems like ever since February hit, we’ve been getting them every few days. I’m not complaining though. I love the snow! It’s the cold temps that I don’t like. It was so cold that my camera froze to my tripod a few times and I had to use my super-human strength to pull them a part.


Smithsonian Natural History Museum

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As soon as you walk into the Natural History Museum, you are greeted by this African Elephant. He’s so large and in charge that you kind of just stand in awe whenever you walk in. I definitely remember this guy from when I was little and visiting the museum. It was so much fun lifting up the phones and listening to the speaker talk about the elephant. But mostly because you got to hear elephant noises.


Butterfly at the Natural History Museum

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Peek a boo. I see you! Just another view of the cool butterflies at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum.


Live Butterfly Exhibit

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Now that it’s so cold out, I’ve been really into pushing my interior architecture images to the next level. What do you guys think of this one? I tried to make it look like those were real butterflies and they were about to attack.

Cool foreground I found right in front of the Butterfly Exhibit at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum.


Oh Hai Butterfly!

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I had so much fun at the first ever instameet for the Smithsonian Natural History Museum this past Friday. It was hosted by the museum’s photo department and my mentors from high school, Don and Jim. It brought back many memories of getting out of school early, hopping on the metro and riding it all the way to Smithsonian stop. I used to spend a lot of time in the dark room developing prints of skulls, insects and fossils. Even back then I knew I wanted to be a photographer. I was just trying to find out what kind.

But while I was an intern, they never had the live butterfly exhibit and I loved it! A butterfly even landed on my camera. Does that mean it’s good luck?


Library of Congress Hallway

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On my way out of the bathroom and towards the reading room, I saw this cool looking hallway. I think it was the repeating arches and beautiful gold color that drew me.


Lincoln Memorial Snow

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I love how atmospheric the snow makes the sky at night. It’s this beautiful red glow that makes everything look cooler.


President’s Day Snow

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YAY! We finally got some great snow. And it was the fluffy powdery kind that’s so much fun to walk through. Luckily, we just moved close to the metro so I was excited to hop on and see what I could find.

When I got to the DC area, the snow had already turned into the really light/rainy kinda snow. Which made it a little easier to stand outside, but not as easy to photograph.

Climbing up the memorial steps, I noticed a familiar face looking at me. I had never noticed him before. Maybe because the door is always closed when I’m there? I’m not sure. But he was definitely checking out the snow. Do you think President Lincoln approved of the snow on President’s day?


Library of Congress Reading Room

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The cool thing about President’s Day in Washington DC is that the Library of Congress opens it’s doors to the Main Reading Room for photographers and visitors to check out. Usually you can only view this room from above and behind a glass. Cameras are definitely not allowed in this room.

But it’s such a cool event to have the reading room open on President’s day. There was an author reading her poetry and so many people excited running around taking pictures. I happened to take 2 or 3 bookmarks from the library as a souvenir :)


Morning on Kutz Bridge

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The nice part about living and working in DC is to see views like this during your morning commute. It makes traffic go by so much faster. At least for me :)