Rainbow in Washington DC

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I’m really excited about the images I took last night. The storms in the afternoon made for beautiful clouds and light at sunset. I was startled when I turned the corner as saw a RAINBOW at the capitol building. Seriously, if you saw me walking down the street at the moment I saw the rainbow you might of thought I was punch in the face. It startled me and I even flinched a little.


Ducks in the Reflecting Pool

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Even ducks have to take a little time to clean themselves.


Photographers Everywhere

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Sunday evening I sat on the benches along the Washington Monument and people watched. I never really do that and found myself have so much fun. I was playing around and taking a pic of the guy close to the monument when the guy in the plaid showed up out of no where. Theres photographers everywhere!


Rolling Thunder

rolling thunder, veterans, washington dc, memorial day weekend, motorcycles, pow, mia, soldier

Happy Memorial Day! Living in the DC metro area my whole life, I’m used to the fact that there will be motorcycles everywhere for Memorial Day weekend. I’ve always observed them from afar.

But this year I decided I wanted to see what it was all about. Hundreds of thousands of men and women riding in honor of prisoners of war and missing in action. It’s a feeling that’s hard to describe.


What’s in my Photo Bag: Lowepro Photo Hatchback 22L AW


WWII Memorial at Night

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Hope everyone has a Happy Memorial Day weekend! In case you haven’t signed up, I’m sending out a newsletter soon with stuff I haven’t told anyone yet! Be the first to know and sign up here.


Reflecting Pool at Sunset

lincoln memorial, sunset, reflecting pool, clouds, washington dc

Surprise! This wasn’t taken at sunrise. It’s a sunset pic! I am capable of staying up late :) or late-ish :D


Reading Room, Library of Congress

library of congress, loc, reading room, architecture, building, interior

I’ve been kinda distracted lately. A lot of things going on and I’m juggling them all at once. Needless to say, June is going to be a super fun month. I can’t wait!!


Walking Around Union Station

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Like I said before, DC is under some major construction. Even the train station is getting an update.


Capitol Restoration

capitol, nations capital, us capitol building, reflection, clouds, sunrise, construction, restoration,

I was expecting a beautiful sunrise so I thought I’d go to the US Capitol building. Its always been one of my favorite spots to catch the sun but when I got there, all I saw was restoration tents and dark clouds.