Many Thanks on Thanksgiving

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I have lots to be grateful this thanksgiving. Mostly for my amazing family and friends, those who have served our country and being able to do what I love every single day. Thank you!


Good Night Lincoln

lincoln, sunset, summer, night, washington dc, architecture, sky, clouds, weather, memorial

Another day passes at the Lincoln Memorial.


Playing in the Woods

shenandoah, national park, trees, autumn, fall, yellow, transition, kids, playing, photography, photo, virginia, travel, va

I usually try to keep people out of my shots. I don’t know why. It’s just some silly rule I came up with all on my own a while ago. So lately, I’ve been trying to see how they can add to my image. I love this because it shows how grand and large these trees are.



zion, bridge, sunset, watchman, virgin river, visitor center, museum, utah, travel, trees, landscape, clouds, scenery, photo, trail

Best view of the sunset inside Zion National Park. This was taken right by the Zion Human History Museum on a bridge with tons of photographers lined up.


Fog Rising

fog, great falls, state park, mather gorge, potomac, waterfall, weather, autumn, fall, sunrise

You never know what you’re going to get unless you go out there and keep on going. At first, I just thought this was going to be another day at Great Falls Park. Then I saw the fog rising like steam from a pot and thought it looked like a dream.


Slide Rock State Park, Arizona

arizona, az, slide rock, state park, reflection, fall, travel, landscape,

Going through some older photos. Here’s one I never processed from Slide Rock State Park in Arizona. I had a great time in Sedona and hope to go again someday.


Spring Time Cherry Blossoms

cherry blossoms, spring, tidal basin, sakura, japanese flower, tree, branch, washington dc, dc, flowers, reflection, travel, visit

Just a little warmth for the coldest day of the year so far…


Fast Moving Clouds at the Washington Monument

washington monument, the monument, washington dc, the mall, national mall, reflecting pool, sunset, clouds, reflection, travel

Got this amazing view one evening at the Capitol. I had been there so many times, I was frantic trying to find a different view. That’s when I told myself that I had to stop, take a moment to breathe and something cool will come. I set my camera for a slow shutter speed and got these cool fast moving clouds looking as if they were ready to storm.


Sun on the Capitol

sun, sunset, light, capitol, washington dc, reflection, color, us capitol, tour, travel

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen the Capitol like this. The sun was setting and casting this beautiful light on to the Capitol. Love it!


Arlington National Cemetery in the Autumn Time

arlington, va, virginia, graves, tombstones, trees, color, autumn, fall, sun, landscape, pattern, va, virginia,

Another image from Arlington National Cemetery. So glad I was able to take capture this historic place with so many colorful trees. It’s always been on my list to photograph at this time of year, but it never happened.