DCs Best Visual Artist


Photographer at the Cherry Blossoms

photographer, buddy, tidal basin, kutz bridge, monument, sunrise, cherry blossoms, washington dc,

Some photographers will do anything for their shot. Pretty cooool.


Magnolia Flowers

magnolia trees, flowers, pink, smithsonian castle, garden, washington dc, travel, flower,

This shot was taken in the Smithsonian Castle Gardens a hidden gem that not many know about but has fantastic blooms!


Cherry Blossom Branch

cherry blossoms, tree, flower, sakura, japanese flower, washington dc, spring, travel, hdr, photo

Early light capturing these blooms.


Cherry Blossom Branch at the Tidal Basin

cherry blossoms, branch, early morning, tidal basin, trees, sakura, washington dc, sunrise, reflection,

Cherry Blossom branch saying “Good Morning” to the water :)


Cherry Blossom Lady

lady, woman, model, hat, cherry blossoms, sunrise, early morning, model, tidal basin, cherry blossoms, flower,

There are tons of people at the Tidal Basin during the cherry blossom season. It’s a great time to people watch, if that’s your thing. Well, I standing kind of in the background, trying to find good light hitting the flowers. All of the sudden, I saw a man taking pictures of this beautiful woman. They happened to sit down right in front of me and I just started snapping away. I love how the silhouette of the woman with the trunk of the tree.


Washington DC Cherry Blossoms Vlog


Cherry Blossom Sunrise

cherry blossoms, sunrise, tree, panoramic, washington monument, jefferson memorial, tidal basin, washington dc, festival, blooms, peak season, sakura, water,

This morning’s sunrise at the Tidal Basin. This image is 12 images stitch together to create this panoramic. This weekend will be perfect to head down and enjoy the flowers.


Magnolia Tree

magnolia tree, smithsonian, castle, garden, sun, light, flower, tree, washington dc, travel

Another shot of the beautiful Magnolia blooms. I love the lighting in this one.


This Morning at the Tidal Basin


Cherry blossoms are starting to peak at the Tidal Basin. This was taken this morning.

I was a little late for sunrise but able to catch the sun right as they were hitting the flowers. Excited for the next few days :)