Turks and Caicos Weather

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Surprise! I went on a little last minute getaway with Andrew over the weekend to Turks and Caicos. It was such a relaxing time. Hardly anyone was on the beach and the weather was beautiful. Except for one cloudy afternoon when I took this shot. It looked like it was going to storm any minute, but it never came. We just had these beautiful clouds over the vacant beach. It was wonderful



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Hope you’re ready for some new images tomorrow. I have a surprise :)

Oh yea, this is a pic of a tree I found in DC. Little does it know it’s about to get pounded on.

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Storm at the Washington Monument

washington monument, storm, flags, america, capitol, capital, washington dc, rain, clouds, weather

We’ve been having some cloudy weather lately. I’m not complaining though. It’s been kind of refreshing. Strange to say about cloudy weather.


Air Force Memorial, Arlington, Virginia

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Never Forget.

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Great Falls Waterfall

great falls, waterfall, gorge, virginia, va, rocks, water, sunrise, clouds, state park

Another one from Great Falls on the cloudy day.


Great Falls Park Rocks

great falls park, virginia, state park, rocks, sunrise, clouds, storm, water, waterfall, mather gorge, potomac, va, travel,

As I was leaving the park, I noticed this huge rock in the middle of the water. It kind of reminded me of Yosemite National Park, but on a smaller scale.


Tidal Basin Sunrise

tidal basin, sunrise, washington dc, reflection, jefferson memorial, washington monument, clouds, storm, travel, capital

A beautiful morning at the Tidal Basin. This was the morning after a big storm.


Pink Clouds

clouds, pink, reflection, washington monument, tidal basin, washington dc, sunrise, weather, travel

A beautiful sunrise to the crazy storm.


Lincoln Steps

lincoln memorial, abraham lincoln, memorial, reflection, morning after, storm, rain, reflection, puddle, washington dc, sunrise, clouds

I was out shooting the Lincoln Memorial earlier this week. I had no idea the clouds were going to look so angry. I thought it was pretty cool and wanted to find a new composition that incorporated the reflection from the puddle. I love how the stairs turned out curved from panoramic shooting.


Washington Monument Storm

washington monument, washington dc, storm, clouds, weather, american flag, washington dc, travel, panoramic, rain

It started to rain as I was taking this shot of the Washington Monument. Fortunately, I brought my umbrella. Unfortunately, it was so windy that the umbrella actually blew apart and I had no choice but to run under a tree for shelter. That was definitely the first time I’d ever experience rain like that while I was out shooting. It was kinda fun :)