Inside the Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC

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I was photographing the sunrise by the reflecting pool when I turned around and looked at the Lincoln Memorial. Mr. Lincoln was glowing! This orange light was radiating from the interior. I had to go inside.

I happened to be with my cousin who is the one standing ion the corner. I didn’t even notice him there until I was processing this image but left him in for scale.


No Tripod in the Capitol Building

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When they don’t allow you to use tripods at the Capitol building, sometimes it’s best to just sit down with your knees up and use that as a tripod. You definitely get a different point of view that way.


Brumidi Corridors Renovations

Brumidi Corridors, restoration, capitol, washington dc, us capitol, interior, architecture, washington dc

Very detailed renovations happening in the Brumidi Corridors.


Center of the Capitol

center of the capitol, us capitol, washington dc, architecture, black and white, chandelier, washington dc, capitolmorning, rotunda

This used to be the center of the Capitol. Pretty cool place to honor our government. It wasn’t until they built the House of Representatives portion of the Capitol when it was not longer the center.


Capitol Chandeliers

chandlier, capitol, building, architecture, interior, hdr, washington dc

One of my favorite things in the Capitol building were the chandeliers. They are all so beautiful and unique. It really makes you feel like you’re in a grand room.


#CapitolMorning: Inside the Capitol

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Yesterday’s instameet at the US Capitol was so much fun! I really enjoyed the backstage pass to visit sites that people don’t usually get to see. It was also great meeting such awesome local photographers. We started off in this hallway, waiting for our friends from US Capitol Architecture to meet us. I took full advantage and started snapping away.



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This morning I’ll be attending the Capitol’s first instameet! I’m so excited! Sounds like we’ll be able to visit rooms that people don’t usually get to see and get backstage access to the Capitol. Should be very cool! To follow along on the journey, follow me on instagram or check out the hashtag, #CapitolMorning.


GoPro: Turks and Caicos


Turks and Caicos Beach

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One last image of Turks. Can’t get enough of this beautiful beach.


Turks and Caicos

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Now this is some beach fun!!

Been feeling a bit under the weather since returning from Turks and Caicos. I’m one of those people who fall asleep on the plane with their mouth wide open. I hate doing it but it’s the most comfortable way to rest. Looking at these images makes me want to go back even more!