July 4th, 2015

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It was a last minute decision to head to the memorials for the fireworks but it turned out so great. Love the fireworks in DC.



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Taking a little break from the Europe pictures to wish you all a happy and safe Independence day.



sainte chappelle, paris, france, chapel, gothic, stained glass windows, king louis, architecture

This is one of those places that you gotta see to believe. I almost didn’t go because as soon as we stepped into the line there was a security guard standing outside that said that the chapel was going to close in 10 minutes. A lot of people left the line so Andrew and I decided to stay to see what would happen. Fortunately, so many people left that it made the line so much quicker and made for photographing the chapel so much easier because there weren’t as many people. Patience paid off in this situation :)


Eiffel Tower at Night

eiffel tower, night, long exposure, bridge, light, tour de eiffel, paris, france, vacation

Missed the light show by 10 seconds!!


Bike Path

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I love how Europeans travel on bikes. It’s definitely not like where I live in Virginia where everyone is in a car. You hardly see anyone on bikes. But in Paris, you see people coming home from work or going to the grocery store on them. It’s such great exercise and great for the environment. It makes me want to bust out my bike but I haven’t actually ridden one since middle school.


Notre Dame Gargoyle

notre dame. gargoyle, paris, overcast, clouds, cityview, panoramic, lookout, overview, cathedral, visit, france, paris, city

Climbing up Notre Dame was a lot of fun. It was this windy staircase that seemed like it just kept on going up and up. At some points you even felt a little dizzy. It was worth it though. The view is spectacular on top!


Riding Around Florence

florence, italy, firenze, street, walk, bike, europe, european, street, visit, travel

One of my favorite parts of Florence was how teeny tiny everything was. It was soo cute just walking around on the little sidewalks. This was taken on our way to lunch. I believe I had lasagna that day.

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Arc de Triomphe

arc de triomphe, france, paris, night, photography, architecture, cars, traffic, light, travel, long exposure

Bonjour! Home after an amazing trip to Paris and Florence. It was hard to figure out where to start but I thought this image of the Arc de Triomphe would be appropriate.

When thinking of the trip, it’s hard to say which city I liked best. They were both so different and had great things about both. I loved how easy it was to get around Paris and the city is just so photogenic. I must of looked like the ultimate tourist with my camera around my neck the whole trip.


Spring Rain in DC

cherry blossoms, flowers, sakura, japanese, tidal basin, washington dc, trees

I’m home :) What a fantastic experience!! Can’t wait to share pictures with you starting tomorrow.


Jefferson Memorial at Night

jefferson, memorial, night, fog, spotlights, reflection, tidal basin

Coming home :(