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Exciting next few days coming up. This weekend I’m headed to NYC for an Arcanum photowalk!!! Super excited to meet all the other photographers and masters that will be there. And of course, to eat french fries :D

Then next week, I’ll be in Seattle. I’ve never been. Have you? Let me know what’s fun and where to get the best fries :) I’m like the cookie monster of french fries.


Blue Hour at the Tidal Basin

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When is the best time to shoot the cherry blossoms? I think it’s the blue hour. There is this gorgeous glow that you don’t see at any other time of the day.

PS. I don’t how it happened, but I’m sick :( I’ve been in bed for the past few days and haven’t been doing much else but sleeping. Sorry for the mediocre blog posts.


Jefferson Cloud Reflection

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Going through some of the other shots I got while out taking cherry blossom pics. This one is from before it’s peak. You can hardly make out the cherry trees next to the Jefferson but I thought the clouds and reflection looked totally cool


Weekend Catchup

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Weekend Catchup: I took more cherry blossom pictures :)

Saturday morning was PACKED! The bridge on Ohio Dr looked cramped by 6am. It was NUTS but so much fun.

I took this image around 6:05a. Luckily I was meeting up with my friend, Manny who saved me a spot right in front of the Martin Luther King Jr Memorial. The water was so calm, perfect for a great reflection shot.


Early Morning Glow

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Before the sunrise there was this beautiful purple glow in the sky. I love waking up early and watching the day begin like this.

Typical scene of the tidal basin during cherry blossom season but on a weekday. Weekends- that’s a wholllleeee different story.


DC Cherry Blossoms 2015 Vlog


Cloudy Day at the Cherry Blossoms

cherry blossoms, cherry blossoms dc, washington dc, macro, close up, flowers, trees, sakura, spring, clouds

Another cloudy day at the Cherry Blossoms in DC yesterday. I decided to just concentrate on close up images of the blooms. I love looking at the little details that make these trees so beautiful.


Cloudy Day at the Tidal Basin

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Even on a cloudy day, the cherry blossoms still look beautiful. But I really hope that the rain we’re expecting in the DC area doesn’t knock the flowers off the branches. I’m having such a great time photographing these trees. I don’t want the fun to stop!!


Cherry Blossoms at the Jefferson Memorial

cherry blossoms, washington dc, jefferson memorial, spring, reflection, tidal basin, japanese, sakura, sunrise

Quick cherry blossom update: They’re starting to bloom!! Most are still budding but you can find a few trees with blooms on them :)

By the way, have you guys tried Periscope? I periscoped for a little while bit while I was at the Cherry Blossoms today and had so much fun. Follow me and I’ll probably be doing more of it while I’m out shooting.


Waiting for Cherry Blossoms

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The cherry blossoms are coming! So excited to shoot them this year. I always find them a fun challenge. To try to come up with something new that hasn’t been seen before but also to really showcase their beauty.