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Abraham Lincoln

abraham lincoln, statue, memorial, al, washington dc, memorial, national mall, angela b pan, hdr,

Tomorrow I’m off to Florida for the weekend. Hoping to get some great pics! Bye Mr. Lincoln, see you soon :)


Kutz Bridge

kutz bridge, washington monument, sunrise, reflection, bridge, washington dc, pink, weather, sky,

Sunrise view of the Washington Monument from Kutz Bridge. Also a great place to catch the cherry blossoms while they’re in bloom :)


Purple Trees

purple, trees, spring, washington monument, washington dc, sunset, clouds, weather, sky, trees, flowers, travel,

Just moments before this sunset. Good thing we turned around.


Lincoln Memorial at Sunset in Washington DC

lincoln memorial, sunset, wwii memorial, washington dc, travel, sky, orange, sunset, landscape, hdr, water fountain

Over the weekend, I was leading a workshop at the WWII memorial at sunset. We packed up our bags and was headed to the car when I noticed some color in the sky. We turned around and the sky was bursting with orange from behind the Lincoln Memorial. We just had to stop and enjoy the view :)


DCs Best Visual Artist


Photographer at the Cherry Blossoms

photographer, buddy, tidal basin, kutz bridge, monument, sunrise, cherry blossoms, washington dc,

Some photographers will do anything for their shot. Pretty cooool.


Magnolia Flowers

magnolia trees, flowers, pink, smithsonian castle, garden, washington dc, travel, flower,

This shot was taken in the Smithsonian Castle Gardens a hidden gem that not many know about but has fantastic blooms!


Cherry Blossom Branch

cherry blossoms, tree, flower, sakura, japanese flower, washington dc, spring, travel, hdr, photo

Early light capturing these blooms.


Cherry Blossom Branch at the Tidal Basin

cherry blossoms, branch, early morning, tidal basin, trees, sakura, washington dc, sunrise, reflection,

Cherry Blossom branch saying “Good Morning” to the water :)