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I’d definitely consider myself a beach person. I love just laying out and soaking up the sun, listening to the water and just chilling out. I could do it hours on end without getting bored. With a good book and a drink, I’d be all set.

But I also like walking around in the city and exploring new places. The mountains are so beautiful too. I don’t know. I can’t decide. What type of person are you?

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Most excellent reward after the most strenuous hike I’ve ever done in my life. The Hanakapiai Beach hike is seriously no joke. I think it took about 6 hours but worth it because the views along the way were magical. After it was all over we stopped to recover and decided to wait for the sun to set. Any sunset in Hawaii is definietly worth it.

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I remember the exact time I took this image. 5:21am. How do I remember? I took a snapchat of this same exact shot and applied the time filter to it. Then when I got back to my car, I realized I got my very first DC parking ticket. Guess what time it was at? 5:21am. Argh!!!

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Another amazingly beautiful trip to Great Falls park. I used my ND Filter to get this effect but was more amazed that the a7ii was able to auto focus with the filter on it. Now all we need are comfortable seat cushions for extended exposure times while sitting on rocks 🙂 K thx!

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Independence day is right around the corner and I’ve been getting a lot of questions about where to shoot. So here it is, the best places to shoot the fireworks in Washington DC with views of the monuments:

Of course the National Mall is the top pick. This was taken on the Washington Monument lawn facing the Lincoln Memorial. The earlier you get there the better, but you don’t have to wait all day. I got there 3-4 hours before the fireworks started and there was still plenty of room for everyone. Count on the metro to be super crowded. And of course, the bathrooms are an extraaa long wait.

Fireworks on the National Mall

Fireworks on the National Mall

Here’s a quick little video to watch them in action:

Another good place to go is Roosevelt Island off of the GW Parkway. You get a killer view of the Lincoln and Washington Monument all lined up. You could pack a picnic and go early for this one but again, its not completely necessary. There are so many places along the trail that offer great views of the fireworks. However, the traffic on the parkway can get pretty nuts. Especially once the fireworks get going, many cars stop to watch. If anything, plan on walking to Rosslyn metro station to get home.

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A 10 minute walk from Roosevelt Island

Last but not least, Iwo Jima memorial in Arlington VA. This is the ONLY one where I recommend you get there as early as possible. Like pack a lunch and dinner because I’ve seen some people wait there starting morning time. The only area available to sit and watch is the little grassy area by the apartments so go early if you want a good line up of the Iwo Jima memorial with the DC monuments. Did I mention you should go early?

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Fireworks at the Iwo Jima Memorial

Skip to 3:50 to see what it’s actually like.

And if you need a few tips on how to photograph the fireworks, here’s a little video I made a couple of years ago on how to do it. This is the exact way I shot all these fireworks images in this guide.

Hope you enjoy and Happy Independence Day!