Weekend Update: 8.26.2011


Am I the only one who’s sad that it’s almost the end of the summer? But the exciting part is that Hurricane Irene is suppose to hit. It is it really photographer-ish of me to be excited for cloudy skys, and beautiful sunrises and sets. And who knew we would get an earth quake in DC?

Watch me talk about it in my vlog here:

This past week, I had a great time shooting the weather.
First I showed you guys an image I took back in June of Kenilworth Aquatic Garden’s Water Lilies.
Then I didn’t plan on taking this shot, but I’m really happy with all the color in it. It’s a view of Rosslyn, VA from DC.
At the same time I took that shot, I took this image of the Washington Memorial at sunset. I went back to this same spot the next morning and took of a picture of the Tidal Basin at Sunrise.
Last, but not least, I visited Alexandria, VA for a sunrise image. You can definitely tell something is coming our way.

Hope everyone stays safe this weekend!