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Continuing my thoughts on being a photographer and writer

From the feedback that I got yesterday about being a photographer and writer I can see that I’m not the only one who feels like it’s difficult to express themselves verbally. After all, photographs are a visual representation of a 1000 words right? What more do we need to say?

I’ve started to read the book, Henri Cartier-Bresson Interviews and Conversations 1951-1998. From its title you may guess that Mr Cartier-Bresson did not consider himself a writer. In fact he’s published several books, most of which he did not write the words in and I found that to be very interesting. I’m not done with this book, but when I am, I’ll for sure write a book review like I do with many other books that I read.

But Henri is such a influential photographer that I would think many people would love to hear his exact thoughts about photography, art and his life in general. Maybe he was like me and did not know how to do it. But as I’ve taken the commitment to be more thoughtful and concise with my writing, the more I’ve learned from it as well. I’ve learned that there is more to the story than just a pretty photograph. There is so much preparation that is involved (whether you realize it or not), timeliness and even whether or not you executed your planned intention. The ability to verbalize this and to make sure to clearly send the right message makes you really think about the words you use and how to use them. I could re-write the same sentence like 10 times and it still not come out right.

Regardless, in the past two years I’ve have come to realize how important words are. I still would not consider myself the best writer in the world but I definietly try my best. Reading/listening to books has really helped me come up with my own writing style and learned just how free I can be in this new form of communication.

As seen in my recently published book, Snap DC. LOL

This image was taken about 20 minutes before the previous image. I figured that if I’m writing about the same thing, having similar images would be ok. But can we please get rid of that Lincoln Memorial scaffolding? 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

My camera settings were F16 at 1 sec and ISO 200 with my Sony A7II and 70-200mm ultra zoom lens on a tripod.

PS Happy Halloween!


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Some of you may not know but I’ve been writing this blog since March 2010. It was then that I commited to posting a new image every monday-friday and I have not broke that commitment once. To be fair, sometimes the blog posts will go up a little bit later than others but they are always there!

However when I made that commitment, I never said anything about writing. I have never considered myself to be a person who can easily express their feelings or view point. I feel like I know what I mean in my head but when it comes to verbalizing it, it can be difficult. You know what I mean?

So if you read my blog in the early days, you would have seen my image and then one or two sentences max. I remember it was such a hassle and torture to even do that. But it was in January of 2017 where I commited to be more than just a photographer. I wanted to be more thoughtful and practice the art of writing. Thanks to my friend, Mel for the encouragement!  So I stepped up my game and have been consistently taking pictures and writing about them more thoughtfully for almost 2 years. I will say it was a struggle at first but the more I do it, the easier it gets. I even find myself looking forward to writing sometimes. I think it’s the sense of accomplishment that I feel after writing something I’m proud of. Don’t get me wrong though, some days are easier than others. For example, I wrote a book talk/speech for a photo club I presented at last week. It took me about 1 hour to write a speech that I loved so much. The icing on the cake was that people came up to me to tell me how inspired they were by it. I was on cloud 9 for the rest of the week!

I have a lot more to say on this topic so to be continued for tomorrow…. LOL

My camera settings for this image is F5 at 1/80th sec at ISO 200 with my Sony A7II and 70-200mm ultra zoom on my gitzo tripod.

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I’m not sure how it happened but I spent a lot of time off from taking pictures in December. I think I was using cold, windy weather as an excuse. So it felt awesome when I got back out and shot my first sunrise of 2017. It was still cold and windy but I missed wondering around with my camera. I don’t want another long break like that to happen for a long time.

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One of the hardest working people I know, my dad has always been a great example to me growing up. Working 7 days a week and even on Christmas, my dad loves what he does but I know he loves us much more and that’s why he does it. When I was little I remember him coming home and he’d be so exhausted from work, but we’d still manage to hangout with me. I remember watching “Wheel of Fortune” together a lot. Most of the time he’d fall asleep on the couch by the end of it.

He’d also be the one who to take me to see movies that were so not appropriate for my age like Die Hard and action movies like that were our favorites. And every Thanksgiving, while the turkey was cooking in the oven, we’d go see the latest James Bond movie in the movie theatre.

So when I asked him if I could interview him for a blog post, I was happy that he agreed. I pulled out a pen and paper and he said “oh, this is a real interview?” Of course it is!

What was I like as a child?
Very cute. (I asked him if that was it and I could tell that he thought more about it…) I remember buying you a piano and you didn’t play it. I sent you to ballet and you don’t dance. (never asking that question again)

What did you want me to be when I grew up?

To have a good education and to be a good lady.

What did you think when I said I wanted to become a photographer

*takes deep breath* I was worried about you having a steady income.

What do you think of my photography now?

So far so good. Still no one wants the piano.

Which image of mine is your favorite?

The one that is hanging in the basement. (I think he’s referring to this one because theres two).

"Vietnam Memorial Cloudy Sunrise" - An HDR photo of the Vietnam Memorial in Washington DC taken at sunrise on a cloudy morning by Angela B. Pan.

Vietnam Memorial Cloudy Sunrise

Happy Fathers day to all the dads out there!

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