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Over the summer, I worked with Events DC to create a 6-part video series of all my favorite places in DC and how to photograph them. The series is called “Capture the Capital” and there will be two episodes released every Tuesday. I’m so excited for you to watch them! 

Week 1

The first two videos are about the Lincoln Memorial and the US Capitol. If you follow my work or visit my blog, you know that these two places feel like home to me. I go to these places so often that I feel like I can walk them with my eyes closed (I’m giggling to myself thinking about what that could look like. LOL). They are some of my favorite places to capture the sunrise and sunset, and I give all my favorite tips and angles on how to capture them.

Special shoutout to my friend, Dave who helped me film these two videos, and Francis who helped me edit them. The videos would not have been nearly as good as they are if it weren’t for their help.

Instead of just showing you the videos, I thought it would be fun to give you a little behind the scenes of what it was like to film each of these videos as they come out. So check this post each week for a little more insight behind the vids.

The Lincoln Memorial

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Two Thousand and Seventeen.
That’s crazyyyyy. But crazy in the best way possible. Ready for the new year! Hope you are too.
Lots of love to ya in January and all the rest of the months in the 17 <3

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January Wallpaper Download_Angela B PanDecember-Wallpaper Download_Angela B Pan


January-Wallpaper Download_Angela B Pan


January-Wallpaper Download_Angela B Pan


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While I was driving to Muir Woods, just outside of San Francisco, I didn’t know if I’d like it or not. I knew I would see huge Redwood trees, but really, whats so great about that?

It’s hard to give you a perfect description of it, but its amazing.

I entered the park and spent the first 10 minutes just staring at Redwood Creek. Its hard not to because the water looked so pretty flowing over the green moss that lined the rocks along the creek.

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