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My second time visiting the Oculus and it’s just was just as amazing as the first time. But this second time, I got to see way more of it. The first time I visited, everything was still under construction. Andrew and I were only able to see a little hallway from the train station to the main part. The main part was still behind closed doors and under wraps. It’s crazy because we were super impressed by that little hallway. Never had I imagined that this main part would be so awesome. But I think the best part about the whole thing is that the “main part” that I keep referring to is a mall now. How freaking amazing would it be to do your everyday shopping here. I feel like I wouldn’t even be able to get anything done. I’d just want to stand in the middle and take pictures the whole time.

I love how it’s just so white and clean. Super modern looking but it makes me wonder what it’d be like to stand there during a really nice sunset or something like that. Would you be able to see the colors come through the windows? Similar to how the Washington National Cathedral looks in the early morning light when the light peaks through and you can see the color reflections all over the walls. I think that’d be so awesome. If any New Yorkers are reading this, please try this and let me know the results. If you can see something really cool, I’d probably spend a week in the same spot just waiting for a cool sunset/sunrise.

My camera settings for this image was f/10 at 1/30th of a second ISO 100. Like I said before, all those windows on top are so great for letting in light. A really low ISO is all you need to capture a really cool shot like this.

Hi Everybody!!

Hope you all had a great week and an awesome Labor Day! It’s been raining the past week here, so its been a little difficult taking new images. So, I made a video about it! Check it out:

Now, here are my images.
I spent a day in Rehoboth Beach over the weekend and found this very cool, very blue Vespa
Then I had to look back at some of my older images for this US Capitol shot and
Jefferson Memorial.
I finally braved the rain and visited Meadowlark Gardens for some macro images. Pink Flower Water Droplets
Now, I just can’t wait for the leaves to start changing. This image was taken last year around this tme of Shenandoah National Park

FamousDC is doing an awesome tribute to 9/11 next week where they are asking everyone to send them in pictures of American flags around the DC area. Here’s my contribution:

Hope you all had a great week and hopefully I’ll be back next week with some sunny images 🙂

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