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I captured this image while I was on my way to photograph this image.

This image of the Lincoln Memorial was taken first and I was so surprised when I saw it on the LCD screen. I was walking towards the reflecting pool when I thought it may be cool to see some grass blades as tall as the Lincoln Memorial. So I put my camera on the ground, tilted it a little bit up and this is what I came out with.

What I didn’t realize was all the morning dew that would turn into these cool little bokeh textures in the grass and somehow turned this image to look magical. In order to capture it, I had to focus the image on just Lincoln Memorial. It’s a shame I almost forgot about it. To be honest, I was more excited about the duck capture than this one on the day I captured them. But I love the way that this image turned out. I also love that little hint of purple coming, which you can really see in the duck image.

Just goes to show you never know what you’ll find unless you try 🙂

My camera settings for this image is F6.3 at 1.6 sec and ISO 640 with my Sony A7II and 16-35mm wide-angle lens.

All photos available for print and licensing >

So do you remember how last week I was saying how I needed to bring my macro lens out when its raining? I did it! It rained again and my very first stop was to go back to the US Botanical Gardens. Even though it was already closed and I wasn’t able to go inside, I was still able to walk around the front entrance. There were a couple of succulent display and they were already beautiful as is. But my favorite part was how the water droplets didn’t go inside the succulents or get soaked up by them, they were just floating on top. It was so beautiful. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such well formed water droplets as I had on these succulents. This is why I needed my macro lens. There was no way I would have been able to capture all these little details with just my wide angle or even zoom.

But to be honest, I still haven’t fully switched to sony lenses. I was still using my 100mm canon lens with my metabones adaptor. It definietly slowed down the process as I was trying to make sure everything that I wanted to be in focus was sharp but I don’t know if that’s necessary a bad thing. I took my time and was happy with the outcome. I haven’t shot macro in so long and I’m happy to be dusting it off again. Soon enough I’ll get a macro sony lens. If you have any recommendations, let me know!

The settings for this image was F9 at 1/80th of a second and ISO 800 handheld. It was still cloudy from the storm and getting that close up was difficult. I had to bump up my ISO to make sure the exposure was fast enough.

water droplets, macro, flora

The weather in Va has been pretty weird if you ask me. For example, it will be a beautiful, clear day and then the next day we’ll have 12 hrs of straight snow. Frankie loves it. As for me, it has left me a little confused as to when I can go outside and shoot. So I decided to head to Meadowlark Botanical Garden to see if I could find some early signs of spring.

Hi Everybody!!

Hope you all had a great week and an awesome Labor Day! It’s been raining the past week here, so its been a little difficult taking new images. So, I made a video about it! Check it out:

Now, here are my images.
I spent a day in Rehoboth Beach over the weekend and found this very cool, very blue Vespa
Then I had to look back at some of my older images for this US Capitol shot and
Jefferson Memorial.
I finally braved the rain and visited Meadowlark Gardens for some macro images. Pink Flower Water Droplets
Now, I just can’t wait for the leaves to start changing. This image was taken last year around this tme of Shenandoah National Park

FamousDC is doing an awesome tribute to 9/11 next week where they are asking everyone to send them in pictures of American flags around the DC area. Here’s my contribution:

Hope you all had a great week and hopefully I’ll be back next week with some sunny images 🙂

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Like I said yesterday, DC has been getting a lot of rain. It makes it very difficult to take sunrise and sunset images because the clouds have been convering the sun. So, I went with my friend William to shoot Meadowlark Gardens. I have a good time shooting with him because he makes me think about a lot of things I’ve never thought about, whether its how to find the right composition or about photo as a business.

Unfortunately, it started raining right in the middle of us walking around the gardens. Fortunately, it stopped pretty quickly and we were able to get some great shots of water droplets on flowers.

Note to self: buy more water-proof clothing.

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Did you know that my mom loves gardening? Ever since I could remember she’s always had a garden where she spends hours growing flowers, vegetables, and who knows what else. She has a real appreciation for plants and natural beauty.

So, when I told her about all the botanical gardens that I’ve been going to recently she wanted to come. I took her to Meadowlark Gardens and she loved it. We walked around and she pointed out all the beautiful flowers and plants, it definitely made my job a lot easier. It was a fun morning being able to do something we both like.

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