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Is it just me or is the daylight savings time change messing with you too? I don’t know, when I was little I never really noticed. As I’m getting older the more and more it effects me. It’s kinda crazy how I’ll look at the clock and won’t believe the time. What’s also crazy is this weather we’re having. I just got back from a walk with Frankie and I was wearing a tshirt! a TSHIRT! and last week at this time we had ice all over the ground.

Looking at this picture makes me feel calm and relaxed. It reminds me of how beautiful and peaceful the winter can be. And theres something about those winter clouds that are so much fun to capture with your camera but I don’t think I’ll miss it anytime soon. I won’t miss having to pack on the layers of clothing and making sure I have my hat and gloves.

However, I’m SUPER looking forward to the spring. I love spring in DC. Not only for the cherry blossoms, but people just seem to climb out of hibernation and be happy.

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The first thing I did when I woke up in the morning was check my phone to see what the weather was like outside. The app said 21 degrees and mostly cloudy. Sounds like the perfect excuse to stay in bed, but I didn’t. We haven’t had any cloudy days recently and if there was any chance for a nice sunrise, today was going to be the day. I dragged myself out of bed and the first thing I said when I left my house was, “ohhh shizzle”. But in a good way 🙂