national cathedral

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We were at the National Cathedral so early we could see the sun light peaking through the stained glass windows. It was literally the most colorful sunrise I’d ever seen. All the lights bouncing off the Cathedral walls was so cool and bright, it kind of turned the ceiling blue at one point.

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This past Saturday, I was so lucky to be able to tour the National Cathedral before it opened to the public. Thanks so much to Chris for setting it up and taking me around. I learned so much and loved every minute of it!

I hadn’t been back since the earthquake we experienced this past summer so it was really interesting to see what happened to the Cathedral. It seems as though they were the most affected by the quake and because of it theres this black netting that is all along the ceiling of the building. At first I wasn’t impressed by it, but as the sun slowly raised in the sky, you could see these cool light reflections in the netting coming from the stained glass window. I guess it will be ok for now 🙂

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Hope you all had a great week.
Did you see what I did over Memorial Day Weekend? I had a great time hanging out with friends, visiting a festival and of course taking pictures. Subscribe if you want to see more videos like this.

On Monday, I told you about how I went to the Supreme Court 4 times to get this shot, but I think it was worth it.

In the video, I told you guys I was at Viva Vienna. Here’s what the carousel looks like at night.

When I captured this image of the National Cathedral, it was probably one of the worst photo experiences I’ve had because of the cold. You better enjoy it! Just kidding… kind of.

I went to the Meadowlark Botanical Gardens again, but this time with my mom. She loves plants, flowers, and that sort of thing so she helped me spot all the pretty flowers. It definitely made my job a lot easier.

Lastly, heres another image of the Lamborghini. The licenses plate was blurred out for obvious reasons.

My World War II Memorial image was in this past week’s FamousDC

That’s all for this week. Enjoy your weekend and I’ll see you all Monday!