Rosslyn at Sunset


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Who knew there was a view like this in DC? Seriously? This was totally by accident. I meant to take pictures of the FDR memorial since I don’t have any on the blog, but I was late. I actually arrived to the memorial right around the appropriate time, but there was NO parking. I think there was some kind of event going on around that area and a lot of the street parking was blocked off. I had to park pretty far (where I usually park for the Jefferson memorial) and my little legs couldn’t make it in time for this insane sunset.

I had to compromise. I walked along the Potomac and tried out different compositions. This was one of my last resorts because the sun was about to set. I noticed the little rocks close to the water and thought that would make a really good foreground. It sort of reminded me of beach/ocean images so I thought it would turn out really good. I took my first step on the rock and a mouse scattered right infront of me. I jumped up and thought twice about going down to the rocks. With about 30 seconds of hesitation I thought, “at least it wasn’t a rat” and went closer to the water. I’m happy that I just didn’t go straight to the FDR memorial or else I would of never known about this spot. A great spot for sunsets in DC.

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