Weekend Update 8.19.2011


I’m back from Cozumel and had an amazing adventure! Although I was sad to come back home, I was also excited that I get to share images with all of you from Mexico.

Check out these amazing links to some of the most gorgous sunrises and sunsets in the world:
I was traveling on Monday, so I posted an image I took in Great Falls National Park at sunset of double waterfalls.
On my last day in Cozumel, I woke up really early to get this shot of the sun rising over the ocean.
Then I posted an image of our first sunset in Cozumel. It’s kinda crazy how enormous the clouds are and the reflection it makes in the water.
Right next to our hotel, were these rocks which made a beautiful foreground for a sunrise image.
Now, for a bird’s eye view of the rocks on the shore.