great falls national park

I’m back from Cozumel and had an amazing adventure! Although I was sad to come back home, I was also excited that I get to share images with all of you from Mexico.

Check out these amazing links to some of the most gorgous sunrises and sunsets in the world:
I was traveling on Monday, so I posted an image I took in Great Falls National Park at sunset of double waterfalls.
On my last day in Cozumel, I woke up really early to get this shot of the sun rising over the ocean.
Then I posted an image of our first sunset in Cozumel. It’s kinda crazy how enormous the clouds are and the reflection it makes in the water.
Right next to our hotel, were these rocks which made a beautiful foreground for a sunrise image.
Now, for a bird’s eye view of the rocks on the shore.

Hey Everyone!

Sorry, long time no vlog: here’s an update video of what I’ve been up to and whats going on in the next week. I’m so excited for the next week to come because I’m going to COZUMEL!
Watch the video below as I talk about it 🙂

Also, I mailed one of my favorite youtubers an image of the Manhattan Skyline seen here: fast foward to 22:18 if you want to see her open my picture 🙂

Now here are some of the images from last week:
I went to the National Gallery of Art and took this cool picture of the Hall of Lights
Also, I uploaded a different image of the Franscican Monesary that I visited last week, The Tomb of Christ
I tried to get a good shot of Great Falls National Park on the Maryland side and this is what I came up with.
Revisiting one of my favorite sunrise spots, I didn’t get much of a sunrise, but I got a unique perspective of the Lincoln.
Lastly, I introduced a new blogging style that I’m going to implement from here on out. Check out what that is here

That is all for now. I’m so excited for next week when I leave for Cozumel. I’m going to prepare some posts while for those days that I’m gone, but when I come back be prepared for some awesomeness!

Have a great weekend 🙂

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Don’t ask me how, but I knew this morning was going to have a beautiful sunrise. Call it photographers intuituion I guess.
I know I’ve been to Great Falls National Park a lot (seen here and here), but recently I found a spot before the waterfall. I wanted to go there for the beautiful sunrise for a different view of the park.

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Great Falls national park, virginia, state park, sunset, landscape, hdr, trees, winter landscape, landscape photography,

As I was leaving Great Falls National Park, the sun was setting and I had to stop and take a picture. Luckily, no other cars were in sight. I thought the trees were gorgous lining the sky and road and the snow was the perfect accessory 🙂

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Great Falls National Park, Waterfall, HDR, Landscape

I went back to Great Falls National Park this morning. I wasn’t completely happy with the previous shoot because it got cut short, which you can see here. It was at least 10 degrees warmer so a lot of the ice had melted which made the water level a lot higher. I think that’s where all the color in the water comes from.

I’m really starting to like blogging now. It’s sort of a challenge that I give myself to post a new pic every weekday. The best part is getting feedback (positive or constructive) and its a great way to see my progression as a photographer.

So, please let me know what you think of my second attempt at “Icy Great Falls”. Which one do you like better?

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