My First Photo Contest


I entered my first photo contest a few nights ago. It’s hosted by Peachpit Publishers with Trey Ratcliff of Stuck in Customs. I first heard about this from Trey’s webinar a few weeks ago and I was really excited to submit my work for the contest. I think its really cool how much HDR is really causing a stir in the photography world & I’m sure Trey has a lot to do with it. Stuck in Customs has always been my go-to-blog when I’m ready to be inspired and I really do feel honored that I could submit to this contest. Here’s my entry. I HDR’d-fied (like my new word?) this panther chameleon reaching for his lunch. Let me know what you all think!

panther chameleon, reptile, lizard, tongue - HDR Chameleons

On a personal note, my puppy turned 1! I can’t believe he’s getting so big, but he’ll always be my puppy-loves. Luckily for him, he has awesome family members who spoiled him sooo much that day. He got three new toys, a trip to Dogma Bakery to pick out some yummy treats and a new rain coat!
We’re really lucky to have such a good boy in our lives.

shih tzu, puppy, birthday - Angela B. Pan Photography

That is all for now. Hope all of you have a great weekend!

Oh yea! If you live in the DC area and you aren’t doing anything Sunday, come visit me at the Eastern Market! This weekend will be nice so its a great day to grab some food and check out some art 🙂