Weekend Update 9.23.2011


Happy Weekend Everyone!
As you are reading this, I will be enjoying the Florida sun in Miami! I’m going there for a marketing conference, but I’ll also make the time to get you guys some sunrises and sunsets.

So, here’s what happened this past week:
I was soo honored to be featured in Travel Channels Best Fall Foliage Shots:

I also wrote an article. I’m officially a published author!

Now for some of the images:
If this past week had a theme, it would definitely be nature’s beauty. See what I mean:
I had four different images from Great Falls. The first one was from a really foggy morning. Then I had a sunrise that was really pink. These two images were a few minutes from each other, but you can see the difference in sky here and here.
I revisited one of my favorite images from the Shenandoah Mountains last year and got really close to a spider in Great Falls.

Hope you all have a great weekend and prepare for some beach images!

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