Hey, Guess what! It’s suppppeeerrrr cold and windy outside. I can actually hear the wind blowing outside my window right now. I don’t know about you, but that does not make me want to go outside.

But when you think of DC you think about all the monuments and cool stuff around the mall, you may or may not know that our nation’s capital has some of the coolest, prettiest interiors that I’ve ever seen. Don’t believe me, check these out:

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Take the free tour at the Capitol building and be prepared to be blown away!

us capitol, dome, restoration, interior, architecture, beautiful, columns, art,

Looking up at the US Capitol Dome

library of congress, loc, stairs, hallway, interior architecture, cameras, pictures, beautiful, interior, washington dc, library

My favorite hidden gem, the Library of Congress

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The metro even provides some cool lines and shapes

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And don’t forget about National Airport.

ceiling, construction, union station, train station, washington dc, architecture, interior, gold

Whoever came up with these designs for the DC transit stations gets my two thumbs up. Love all the shiny gold in Union Station.

national cathedral, washington dc, architecture, stained glass windows, neo-gothic, cathedral church, saint peter, saint paul, episcopal church

And how can you forget about the National Cathedral. Gorgeous!

That’s the list for now. I know I haven’t covered all of DC interiors so stay tuned for more…

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