Autumn in Washington DC

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When you think of Washington DC, you usually think of government, politics and a serious city life. However if you live in the area, you know its much more than that. The United States capital is such a vibrant, walkable city that’s great for locals and tourists a like. Theres so much to do, eat, and see that autumn time in DC is a great place to be. Rhyming not intentional but natural. (I make myself laugh.)

With that said, here are some of my favorite places to view the changing of colors and season in Washington DC:

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Boulder Bridge, Rock Creek Park

trees, changing of seasons, washington monument, washington dc, sunrise, clouds, tidal basin, fdr memorial,

The Washington Monument from the FDR Memorial

tidal basin, washington dc, fog, morning, early morning, autumn, fall, bench, visit, trees, changing colors, leaves, water

The Tidal Basin on a really foggy morning

tidal basin, washington dc, autumn, fall, colors, trees, cherry blossom, fall, leaves, water, reflection, travel

Cherry Blossom trees changing color

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Changing leaves in front of the US Capitol