Thomas Jefferson Memorial at Sunrise


jefferson memorial, sunrise, tidal basin, pink, angela b. pan, abpan, hdr, landscape, washington dc,

I know I’ve been to the Jefferson a lot, especially during Cherry Blossom season, but its one of those places that always looks good during sunrise or sunset. It doesn’t matter! I love how theres beautiful reflections and how the sun always rises right by the monument. During this shoot I learned that the sun rises pretty slowly, so you can take your camera and walk around to find a better composition.

I started off behind the monument, hoping to get a different angle then what I am used to. Then I realized that I wasn’t getting any of the color. Although I did like the original composition, I want that color! I picked up my camera and walked over by the tidal basin. Another thing I need to do more often, besides walking around to find my composition, I need to try different angles with my camera. Bringing my tripod up or down, shooting horizontally or vertically, but most of all try all new perpectives. To be honest, this image kinda looks like another image I posted a few months ago, but this one is way better.

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