Supreme Court


supreme court, washington dc, sunrise, hdr, landscape, architecture, justice, angela b. pan, abpan

For some reason it took me a long time to get this image. I’d been planning on visitng the Superme Court for a while now but I wanted to make sure I had a good sunrise before I went. The first time I went the sunrise was barely there, but I took that time to practice my composition. My second attempt was the next morning and the sunrise was ok but I thought it could of been better. The third morning I woke up and was half way there when I realized the sunrise would probably be a little dull. (Sometimes you can just tell if it’s too cloudy, too clear, etc.) Finally on the fourth day the sunrise was gorgeous. I was so excited to go to the Supreme Court, but unfortunately the sky wasn’t so lit that the color was everywhere. After spending almost a full week, waking up everyday at 430am, I am done with this building for now.

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