Pan American Health Organization

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Another image from our architectural photowalk a couple of weeks ago. This image is of my friend, Zack, the guy who laid out all the plans for the walk. It was awesome because we hit up some really cool spots that I would have never brought myself to actually go to shoot. This is the Pan American Health Organization building. It’s a really cool round building and during the middle of the day, has some pretty interesting shadows to play with. It was super bright so if I had been able to see my camera screen a little better, I probably would have asked Zack to step away from the shadow a little more but either way, I think this turned out really interesting. He looks like a mystery man. LOL.

After this photowalk, I felt the desire to do more walks like this. Just push outside my comfort zone and photograph things that I’m not used to. I’m pretty sure I’ll be surprised my results and that makes it even more fun! I may just wait til the weather warms up a little more though. Spring can not come soon enough! HAHA

PS: if you’re free this weekend, Zack is hosting his very first photowalk. I’m sad to miss it but you should definietly go if you have a chance. If it’s anything like the photowalk he planned for our little outing, then I’m sure the one he does with Walk with Locals will be even better! It’s going to be around Federal Triangle so you know it’s going to be cool. Plus you’ll get to hang out with some really fun photographers 🙂 Already feeling the fomo.

My camera settings for this image is F9 at 1/1000th sec at ISO 400 with my Sony A7II and 16-35mm wide angle lens.