• William R Homberg

    Nice work on the video. To bad you couldn’t have used Going up the Country as background music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0PjECSyJ7w

  • Graham Southard

    Great video, Angela. Love it!

  • Thomas Logan

    Great video, I’ve been to most of those places myself, so it was very nice reliving them vicariously. Glad you had a fun and safe trip… thanks for posting!

  • Tim

    Thanks for sharing Angela – really interesting and creative video. Looks like you guys had a real blast.

  • LOL if only. I can’t use a lot of songs because of copyright issues.

  • Thanks so much, Graham! I’m so glad you liked it 🙂

  • Thanks for watching, Thomas!

  • It was soo fun. I appreciate you watching, Tim!

  • William R Homberg

    Yes, I know the copyright thing would have been an issue. Now, thinking back I think the better choice of songs for you would have been *On The Road Again* that would have been pretty cool in the background. It will have to be a mental thing in the future.

    Probably just as well that you drove through Arizona on your trip. It was hot when you were here and then a week later the monsoon rains decided to make their appearance. We had rain and when it rains in Arizona there are all kinds of problems with flooding. Typically when it rains hard because of budget cuts for the State that means debris that would have normally been cleaned off of the freeways wasn’t so that gets washed down to the pump stations that clear the water from the freeway. All that debris covers the grating and doesn’t allow the water into the pump station. It seems many forget that, at certain places, the freeway can get covered in water that is several feet deep. It is so bad here that many years ago a law was passed called the Idiot Law. This has to do with people that intentionally drive into those flooded areas and have to be rescued. They have to pay for their rescue. Should be a pretty expensive thing.
    We have flash floods when it rains. Many people have heard of flash flooding and don’t pay attention to it. Kind of like that road sign in cold parts of the country that say “Ice forms on bridge first” I’ve never really lived in cold country before so I didn’t know what that sign meant until one really cold day in Wyoming when I was there and driving, as I always do, pretty fast. So I saw that sign and thought nothing of it until I hit the bridge and my truck began to Broadie, luck was with me that day as it was a pretty short bridge and I was across the bridge before I hit anything. There was some pretty tricky recovery driving after I hit the dry roadway again. So now when I see that sign and am in the cold country I slow way down to drive across bridges. There are always really terrible wrecks in St. George, Utah I think because it has a really long serpentine bridge from Arizona.
    So again, I digress. There was a flash flood during the rain and a family was swimming in the river, only one of the people of that family survived. I think eight were lost and a young boy was saved.
    It seems when it rains here it is just like the monsoon rains of Vietnam, great big raindrops that sting like crazy when they hit you. I going into that rain to do laundry and get clean. Your entire body stung from the rain drops but it felt really good to be clean but you had to wait for the rain to stop before you could get dry. lol.

    Hope you are well.

  • Ed C

    Awesome trip. Looks like it was a hell of an adventure. We only live once so might as well enjoy every moment we have. Take care Angela.