Weekend Update 5.6.2011


So, I came back from Vegas and I had a BLAST! Maybe too much fun because I didn’t come out with all the images I wanted to.

Here are some of them from the past week:
Probably one of the best hotels in Vegas: the beautiful Venetian lobby
I also went to the iconic “Welcome to Fabolous Las Vegas” at sunrise.
A MUST whenever you go to vegas: Caesars Palace Forum Shops
A view of the Las Vegas Strip at night with views of Paris, Ballys, the new Cosmopolitan hotel and more

Now that I’m back home, I discovered a beautiful park hidden in DC: Kenilworth Park Aquatic Gardens

I made a new video! Check out the camera gear I travel with in What’s in my Travel Bag?

Did you guys notice the new homepage? It now takes you directly to the blog. What do you think?

Anyways, hope you all have a great weekend 🙂
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