Weekend Update 5.20.2011


This week has been pretty unpredictable with thunderstorms on and off. You’ll see me discussing it in a lot of my posts from the past week.

Here we go:
Over the weekend, Meg from my facebook group identified the mystery flowers. I was so happy when I could finally say I had some beautiful images of Passion Flowers.

I brought you all the way to Paris.. Paris, Las Vegas that is with this cool night shot. I even tweeted it to ParisVegas and this is what they had to say

Next I went to the Constitution Gardens at sunset. Not many people know about this place, so I hope you all enjoy this image and try to make it out there one day.

Who wants to see a cool image of a Yellow Bulldozer?

Last but not least, I went to the Jefferson Memorial for Sunrise. The Jefferson is beautiful all year around, not just during cherry blossom season.

WHAT?? 2 vlogs in one week?
See what it’s like that the Library of Congress when I went last week.
Don’t make fun of me, 5am is really early to watch the sunrise over the Jefferson Memorial

FamousDC featured my Library of Congress image on their site this past week:

That is all for now, hope you all have a great weekend 🙂

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