Top Washington Monument Scaffolding Pictures


Since the scaffolding is coming down on the Washington Monument, I thought it’d be fun to look back on some of my favorite images of the construction. The scaffolding doesn’t happen very often and I know many people didn’t like it. I didn’t see it as a distraction, but a new structure to appreciate.

So here you go from multiple viewpoints! Enjoy 🙂

Going up…
washington monument, scaffolding, washington dc, tidal basin, reflection,

washington monument, washington dc, reflecting, bridge, scaffolding, blue

cherry blossoms, tidal basin, reflection, tree, washington dc, washington monument, scaffolding

sunrise, clouds, washington monument, washington dc, capital, united states, usa, america, scaffolding

In all it’s scaffolding glory…
washington monument, washington dc, scaffolding, capital, capitol, reflection, reflecting pool,

dusk, sunset, washington monument, tree, scaffolding, dc, abpan, travel,

july 4th, independence day, scaffolding, washington monument, fireworks, washington dc, capital, travel, usa, united states, america

lincoln memorial, columns, washington dc, washington monument, scaffolding, sunrise

pink moon, moon rising, washington dc, washington monument, reflection pool, reflection, purple, wwi memorial, capital, travel, america

sunrise, monument, washington dc, travel,

Coming down…
couple, column, lincoln memorial, washington dc, washington monument, scaffolding, reflecting pool, reflection, travel

So which one was your fav?