Top 10 of 2013


In alphabetical order of how I named the digital files, I present to you my personal favorite images of 2013!

These may not be everyone’s favorites but when I think back on 2013, these are the images I think of. Comparing my images from this year to last year, I can really tell that I’ve grown as a photographer. My style has become more distinct and clean looking.

I’ve also decided to divide up the 10 images into 2 blog posts. For no other reason than making it more suspenseful so you’ll have to wait til tomorrow to see the rest of the images 🙂

Hope you enjoy! and Happy New Year!

four mile beach, santa cruz, water, ocean, sunrise, california, cali, west coast, united states, usa,

In March, I traveled to Northern California to practice some of my water scenes. This was a big trip for me because of two reasons. 1. It was the first time I ever traveled by myself. 2. I spent most of the time practicing waterscapes and working more on my post processing.
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capitol, reflection, sunset, east capitol street, east side, washington dc, capital,

This was the first I was ever allowed to use my tripod at the Capitol. I think it may be because this image was taken in August and congress is out of session then. But either way, I was super happy to be able to use it 🙂
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cherry blossoms, photographers, hdr, runners, tidal basin, washington dc,

The cherry blossoms are always a beautiful time of the year in DC. What you may or may not know that it’s also one of the craziest times of the year too. This image isn’t even half of it.
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macro, cherry blossoms, close up, japanese, sakura, rain drops,

I love this image of the cherry blossoms close up. I think the rain makes it look so delicate and the colors from the leaves really pop.
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shenandoah, leaves, trees, sun, autumn, virginia, mountains, travel,

This image taught me a big lesson. I can take pictures all times of the day. Not just sunrise and sunset.
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