Study of Light DCTography Photowalk

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Thanks again to everyone who came out this past Saturday evening for DCTography’s very first photowalk. It was a great excuse to finally break out of the house and feel some “warm” air on our skin. I had a blast seeing everyone and finally catching up after what seemed like the longest January ever. An evening that started at the Martin Luther King Jr memorial ended with a spectacular sunset and lots of snow and ice for us to capture with our cameras. I am still smiling ear to ear. Thanks again and especially to Carlos from DCTography for putting together this photowalk and allowing me to lead it. He also provide the group shot of us above 🙂

And like every photowalk, I like to share some of the awesome images from the photowalk and the #Snapdc feed:

Love the colors in this one, Virginia! And including the snow from the frozen Tidal Basin was a very nice touch.

Amir, the silhouettes on this one is so interesting. I love looking at each individual one and trying to figure out what they’re doing. The airplane on the top right was perfect timing as well.

Goutham, I love this shot of Zack. It’s a total candid portrait with great lighting. Props.

Another great framing image, Dave. I love the overall winter vibes of this one.

Karen, it was great chatting with you and love this image. I just imagine this photographer being lost in the moment and sunset. Also, the play of scale with the tree just to the left. Beautiful!

Brande, I’m not sure if anyone else caught this perspective. Great eye! And almost didn’t see that figure right in front of the column.

Thanks again everyone for coming out. There will definietly be more photo walks in the future!