Reflecting Pool Sunrise in Washington DC

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I could not sleep Friday night. For some reason I woke up in the middle of the night so hot and of course I couldn’t fall back to sleep. So I decided to make my way over to the Reflecting Pool for sunrise. If was going to be up, I may as well as make it productive, right?

Turns out the sunrise on Saturday morning was a beautiful one. This image was taken when I first arrived at the pool. I was there about 30 minutes before the actual sunrise and as the sun was coming up, it created these beautiful tones and colors in the sky. I particularly like how the streaks in the sky match the streaks in the water. It makes for an interesting reflection and sort of reminds me of a line painting. As the morning went on, the colors in the sky became more and more vibrant.

So glad I didn’t miss it but the best surprise part about it was running into a whole bunch of photography friends so early in the morning. It was the best way to start the day with so many hugs and smiling faces.  Aww it makes me so happy to just think about it.

My camera settings for this image is F5.0 at 1/8th sec at ISO 2500 with my Canon 5D Mark II with my 17-40mm wide angle lens.

PS some people have been asking why I’ve been shooting with my Canon. Well it’s because my Sony is back in the shot. Long story but it got wet again while we were in San Diego. For the most part it was working fine but I just wanted to send it in for little tune up before more travel. Hope to get it back by the end of this week 🙂