Pink Sunrise at the Capitol



This is how the morning went

4:00-4:30a Snoozing the alarm clock
4:36 Finally got my butt out of bed, sat down in the bathroom to brush my teeth
4:50 Left the house
5:05 Arrived at the Capitol. FYI great place to take pictures when you’re sleepy because you can park really close to it and watch the sunrise from your car.
5:10 Still very dark and blue outside, start watching youtube videos on my iphone
5:25 Still very dark and its starting to rain a little. I’ll set my alarm for 5 minutes and see what the sky looks like then
5:30 A peak out of the corner of my eye and the sky looks the same. Snoozing
5:35 Contemplating going home but instead close my eyes for another 5 minutes
5:40 OMG what a difference 5 minute makes! The sky is completely red and I race out of the car to take pics.
6:00 On my way home.

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