Foggy Autumn

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I picked up a new hobby over the weekend! Actually it’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while now. I’m going to learn how to skateboard 🙂 I had so much fun wakeboarding over the summer but I was not good. Pretty bad actually. But it was a total BLAST. I figured skateboarding could help me get better at it.

So I was over at my brother’s house (like I am every weekend) and noticed my nephews had skatebaords. I asked if I could try and my nephew, Brennan told me that “Skateboarding is sooo 90s”. I told him that I didn’t care and I was going to do it anyways! It was so much fun. Towards the end I was getting too excited by my progress that I fell and hit my elbow and head pretty hard. I just rolled up my sleeves and tried again.

After I left I immediately purchased a skateboard (and helmet) that should be arriving tonight! So excited. More updates on my need for speed soon…