Favorites of 2015 Part 1


I love doing these “favorites of the year” blog posts. It’s like strolling through memory lane except way easier because they’re all my images and I don’t have to look at any awkward family photos and pretend that I like the way I look in a pic 🙂

Since they’re all my images it’s difficult to pick the top of the top. Why? Because I like them all! That’s why they’re on the blog. And there are so many different reasons why I like the images. Whether its the story behind the image or just the way that it came out, I have an emotional connection to all of them. But if I had to narrow them down, these would be the top of the top.

In chronological order starting from January 2015:

birds, tidal basin, washington dc, sunset, water, reflection, ice, snow, sun, sunset, weather, travel, wildlife, dc,

In January, I met up with my friend Tricia and planned on photographing the sunset at the Tidal Basin. When we arrived we were surprised by how many birds there were on the water. Then all of the sudden they all started flying at once. It was one of the coolest things I’ve seen in my life. I believe there was a hug right after we captured this moment because it was just that magical.

iwo jima, memorial, arlington, va, battle, virginia, landscape, sunrise, visit va, love va, weather, war, american flag,

I was on my way home from being discouraged with a boring sunset. Then I saw the cloud formation in my rear view and quickly created an inventory in my head of all the DC monuments. Iwo Jima was the closest to where I was and I headed straight for it. This image almost didn’t happen and I love the way the clouds and sun lined up perfectly behind the monument.

cherry blossoms, tidal basin, photographers, early morning, glow, purple, jefferson memorial, sakura, japanese gifts, washington dc, memorial, early morning,

No matter how early you get to the Cherry Blossoms, there will always be people in your way. HAHA Just Joking.

tulips, pink, roozengarde, washington, seattle, flowers, skagit, valley, garden

Fun Fact: This is one of the only images that I’ve taken that I’ve printed and hung up in my home

washington monument, storm, thunder, tidal basin, washington dc, clouds, reflection, visit, summer

A moody black and white image of the Washington Monument will most likely always top my list

And that was just the first half of the year. Tomorrow I’ll post my favorites from the second half. I know, super exciting times!