Angela B. Pan in Kaiser Permanente Building


I recently worked with D.C. based Artists Circle Fine Art to have my work showcased in Kaiser Permanente’s new 200,000 square feet medical center in Tysons Corner, VA.

When you come across one of her images and it’s there,
it’s like you’re looking out a window.

– Jack Devine, Principal Partner of Artists Circle Fine Art

Here’s a transcript of the video:

Angela Pan: Hi. I’m Angela Pan. I’m a travel photographer, and I
concentrate mostly on landscapes, nature, and architectural pictures. I
strive to capture the most beautiful scenes that nature has to offer. When
viewers look at my photos, I want them to feel as if they’re actually

Jack Devine: We really enjoy working with Angela. She’s able to achieve
what she achieves because of her own aesthetic sense and her
artistic abilities, but at the same time, she’s kind of blending
that with the current technology in photography.

Angela Pan: All of my images are shot using the technique called High
Dynamic Range, which allows me to have more color and more
detail than traditional photography.

Jack Devine: She’s taken that and kind of been able to really work with
it. I see a lot of people that use that same kind of photography
and don’t get the same results that she does. She’s got the
tool, but she’s also got the aesthetics and the eye and the
dedication. She’s got the technical ability, because it does
take a lot of choosing after you’ve captured these different

Angela Pan: My pictures are perfect for corporate buildings and office
spaces because it feels like you’re actually there. With all the
color and detail, it’s the closest representation to the human

Jack Devine: She chooses very upbeat images, like the pieces we put
into the Kaiser facility over in Tysons Corner. Because Angela’s
pieces have such vibrancy and life to them, it’s just a joy to
come across one. When you come around a corner, you’re going to
the water fountain, you’re going from chemotherapy to whatever,
you’re not usually in a hospital for a joyous occasion. So when
you come across one of her images and it’s there, it’s like
you’re looking out a window.

Angela Pan: My passion for photography stems from going to new places and
experiencing new things, and I love being able to bring those
experiences to my audience.

I’m Angela Pan, and I’m an HDR photographer.