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Yesterday my friend, Geoff Livingston launched his podcast Show Me. In each of the episodes he discusses famous photographs and why they worked.. or did not work. Then he asks each one of his guests to give their opinion on their own photographs.

I’m so honored and grateful to have been a guest on his show and to have been one of the first 4 people he sat down and talked to. We discussed a few Ansel Adams’ pieces before talking about some of my own images of the cherry blossoms, US Capitol and more. It’s always a good time to hang out with Geoff. I’m just glad there is actual documentation of it now. LOL.

There’s also a video recording of the podcast so you can see each of the images we’re discussing as we’re talking about them. You also get to see how much I talk with my hands when I speak so there’s that too!

PS At the end, I call him Gerry. That’s totally an inside joke. LOL I definietly know his name is Geoff.

So I figured the most appropriate image to post to honor Geoff and I’s conversation is to post my version of Half Dome. It’s been almost 10 years since I first visited Yosemite but it was such an amazing experience that I still remember it like it was yesterday. To this day whenever anyone asks me about my favorite national park, I always say Yosemite (besides the National Mall of course). I would go back in a heartbeat. I never doubted why Ansel Adams spent so much time photographing this extraordinary place. Props to him for doing it with a medium format camera and wooden tripods though!

My camera settings for this image is F7.1 at 1/320th sec and ISO 100 with my Canon 5D Mark II and 24-105mm lens.


valley view, abpan, angela b. pan, fog, yosemite, california, national park, hdr, landscape, half dome, travel

So, last week I posted up this image of Cooks Valley in the fog and I got really good response from it. A lot of you all seem to like foggy, detailed images. So heres another! 🙂

Check out this view a few hours later when all the clouds cleared up.

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half dome, yosemite, fog, trees, california, hdr, angela b. pan, abpan

This was one of the last shots I took in Yosemite. We would always drive by it because it was on our way back to the lodge and I always meant to stop and take a pic. For some reason it never happened until the very last day. I think it was worth the wait though. I love how the clouds have an opening for Half Dome, it looks kinda majestic 🙂

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