el capitan

tunnel view, three brothers, yosemite, el capitan, Bridalveil Falls

Tunnel View was by far my favoritest view in Yosemite National Park. While we were in the park, it had rained one day and kept on going until the next morning. I tried to go out to shoot but everything was covered by clouds.

Part of being a photographer is being patient and waiting for the perfect moment. We came back to this spot about 2 hours after we our initial try and it was the perfect. What do you think?

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california, hdr, landscape, valley view, yosemite, el capitan, three brothers, merced, abpan

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I’m back from northern California and I loved it! I would love nothing more than to spend more time there, so be prepared to see a lot of the west coast.

When people say Yosemite is magical, please believe them. I don’t think I’ve said “WOAH” so much in my life. The best part was riding shotgun in the rental car and just looking out the window. Every turn had something new and exciting to see.

Here’s an image I took at the very end of my trip in Yosemite National Park of El Capitan and Three Brothers right after a rain storm.

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