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If I weren’t the one who was taking this picture, I’d be jealous of the woman walking through it. It looks like this magical place where magnolia flowers just follow you everywhere. Oh man, if only a place like that existed. I think I’d lay down and make a snow angel out of flower petals.

fairview park, falls church, va

I almost slept through this one. My alarm kept on ringing and ringing but I went to sleep so late last night, I barely heard it. Thankfully about 20 minutes before the sun actually rose, I opened my eye a little bit and saw crazy pink color from the window. I immediately got up, put my contacts in, and ran out the door.

In the little town of Hana in Maui, Hawaii

While we were in Hawaii, Andrew and I drove along the beautiful road of Hana. Talk about amazing! I felt like at every twist and turn there was a new beautiful view.

We stopped in the town of Hana to stretch our legs and happened to see this beautiful scene. One of my first panoramas so let me know what you think 🙂