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Walking around, I spotted this guy and I had to take a pic. Not only was the light perfect on him but he reminded me of Daryl from Walking Dead. But only if he was a photographer and not a walker slayer. What do you think?

At around sunset, Andrew and I found ourselves at the Big Chief Overlook. If you’re planning on visiting Dead Horse Point State Park in Moab, Utah, I’d highly recommend starting here. It’s at the very tipty top of the park but it’s great because you get these amazing PAN-oramic views of both sides of the park. The best was that I was able to follow the sunlight wherever it was going as it was setting. It can get crowded with people up there, but the ability to walk around the corner was amazing. I got so many cool shots from up there.  And how beautiful are these rocks against the falling sunlight? They were literally glowing.

Andrew and I spent a lot of time up there. We actually stayed up there way past sunset. Almost to the point where we could start seeing stars out. Not talking or anything, just enjoying the view. At one point, I told him to take some pics with his phone, so he took this one.

Pretty cool, huh? And all with no photo instruction from me. LOL. We joke that he’s this amazing photographer when in fact most of the pics he takes either has a finger in the corner or they’re really blurry. If you’ve seen some of his other iPhone pics, this one is definietly a major achievement. Seriously.

My settings for this image was F11 at 1/160th of a second. Super fast shutter speed to capture this beautiful moment. So glad I got to spend it with Andrew AND Daryl.

All photos available for print and licensing >

I’m really excited about the images I took last night. The storms in the afternoon made for beautiful clouds and light at sunset. I was startled when I turned the corner as saw a RAINBOW at the capitol building. Seriously, if you saw me walking down the street at the moment I saw the rainbow you might of thought I was punch in the face. It startled me and I even flinched a little.

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It started to rain as I was taking this shot of the Washington Monument. Fortunately, I brought my umbrella. Unfortunately, it was so windy that the umbrella actually blew apart and I had no choice but to run under a tree for shelter. That was definitely the first time I’d ever experience rain like that while I was out shooting. It was kinda fun 🙂