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So the Thomas Jefferson memorial is still under scaffolding. It’s been like this for more than 6 months and I don’t like it.

There have been times when there’s been scaffolding around other memorials and monuments that I don’t mind. But the scaffolding around the Jefferson is just so much that it’s very difficult to find the good out of it. It’s there because the roof is getting restored and clean so it may not come down until later this year.

Until then, I’ve been purposely avoiding the tidal basin because it’s just so distracting. However, I met up with a few friends on Sunday to capture the moonset and the best spot to watch was the Tidal Basin. So on my way to the location, I tried my best to try to think of it differently and make the best of it.

I found this puddle that had very interesting textures in the mud and thought it went well with the sunrise clouds. I also like how you can see the entire memorial and see that it’s not entirely covered by scaffolding. Maybe next time I’ll just go to the back and take pictures of that. LOL.

My camera settings for this image are F9 at 1/5th sec and ISO 1600 with my Sony A7II and 16-35mm wide-angle lens.

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Have you seen the movie, “Inside Out”? Andrew and I watched it a few weeks ago and have been recommending it to friends ever since. Its so fun to watch. I think everyone could relate to at least one of the characters in the movie. I relate most to Joy. The one who’s always in a super good mood and always tries to see the positive side to things. It also helped me realize that you can decide which emotion carries you in life and it’s a forever changing thing. If anger is your day today, it doesn’t have to be tomorrow.

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Man that was an intense storm last night! There were several times where I thought my camera was going to fly away.

But the whole time I was out I was thinking of my friend, Don. He passed yesterday. A great photographer but an even better person. I’m so grateful to have known him and to be mentored by him. I remember how he’d always call me “kiddo” and the last time I saw him he told me how proud of me he was. He was the type of person where you’d always be smiling when you were around him. I miss him already. This image is for Don.

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I’m really excited about the images I took last night. The storms in the afternoon made for beautiful clouds and light at sunset. I was startled when I turned the corner as saw a RAINBOW at the capitol building. Seriously, if you saw me walking down the street at the moment I saw the rainbow you might of thought I was punch in the face. It startled me and I even flinched a little.