kenilworth garden

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When I’m lucky, I get more than a few images out of a place I visit. Back in June, I visited the Kenilworth Aquatic Garden (seen here and here) but I don’t feel right blogging all the images all at the same time. I feel like you all may get bored by seeing similar images all within a few days of each other. What do you think? So I decided I could at least spread them out a bit and keep it exciting. Exciting right?!?

These water lilies only bloom once a year. The same thing goes with McKee-Besher’s sunflower field. I need to learn to visit these places more than once during their peak. I want to keep going and really study these flowers and get the perfect sky. I say that I need to learn and it may be kinda obvious to others, but for some reason, I feel like once is enough. I think this is because I do that with a lot of the DC monuments.

Did you notice the bee? I think thats my favorite part of the image.

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