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When I’m lucky, I get more than a few images out of a place I visit. Back in June, I visited the Kenilworth Aquatic Garden (seen here and here) but I don’t feel right blogging all the images all at the same time. I feel like you all may get bored by seeing similar images all within a few days of each other. What do you think? So I decided I could at least spread them out a bit and keep it exciting. Exciting right?!?

These water lilies only bloom once a year. The same thing goes with McKee-Besher’s sunflower field. I need to learn to visit these places more than once during their peak. I want to keep going and really study these flowers and get the perfect sky. I say that I need to learn and it may be kinda obvious to others, but for some reason, I feel like once is enough. I think this is because I do that with a lot of the DC monuments.

Did you notice the bee? I think thats my favorite part of the image.

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Happy July!
Hope you all have a great holiday weekend and eat lots of watermellon 😀

This past week I had several images of DC starting from the Lincoln Memorial and the Smithsonian Castle.
Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens is a little known spot in DC where there are beautiful summer water lilies.
Just a little bit outside of DC, is Great Falls National Park.
A lot out of DC, in California, is Yosemite National Park where I posted this new image of Cooks Valley.

My images appeared in two different blogs this week 🙂
365 Things to do in DC
kenilworth aquatic gardens, washington dc, anocostia, angela b. pan, water lily, hdr,

famousdc, union station, angela b. pan, abpan, interior, hdr, washington dc,

Again, hope you all have a great weekend and see you again Monday with some brand new images.

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Finally, the water lilies have bloomed. I’ve been waiting for this day for two months now and I can’t believe how tall they are. They were probably up to my elbow. I always thought water lilies were just above the water surface. Is that just a different breed?

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