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Photographers are special people. We can have all the camera gear and equipment in the world, but it’s still not enough. Which can make it easy AND hard to shop for us for the holidays. Depending on the type of photographer you are shopping for, there can be an endless supply of gadgets and accessories that will make anyone smile.

So to make life a little easier, here are my top suggestions for holiday gifts for  your favorite photographer:

Camera Bags

One camera bag is not enough. I feel as though I need a variety of camera bags for a variety of situations. A leisurely stroll around the neighborhood will not require as much camera equipment as an epic day of travel or even studio work. To accommodate all my gear and equipment, diversity in camera bag size and storage is ideal.

Hex Ranger Black Camera Mini Sling

For a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood or going out to dinner with friends, this is my go-to bag. It’s small enough to fit just my camera and 1 lens so it makes it super easy and convenient to be on the go. What makes this bag different than other sling bags is that it’s specifically made for cameras so there’s padding inside and my camera is well protected.

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Brevitē Jumper Photo Backpack

Great quality bag that allows you to carry multiple lenses at once plus it’s lightweight and comes in really nice colors. The tripod straps on the bottom of the bag are a great detail!

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Ape Case Cubeze

On the totally opposite end, if you just want something even more portable, check out this Ape Case Cubeze. It inserts seamlessly into your backpack, purse, or whatever. I carried this around for years before purchasing a real photo backpack and never had any issues with my camera equipment.

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Padded wrap

You know I like these when I have 2 or 3 of my own. I love that if I want to pack my camera or lens into my purse, I can just wrap these Tenba protective wraps around them and I feel very confident that my gear will be protected. They are great for quick on the go situations.

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Thanksgiving is almost here, which means the holiday season is in full swing. Every year I get a few people asking me what they should get for their friend that likes photography. I thought it would be fun to create a ‘Holiday Gift Guide’ for photographers. Here are a few suggestions and a helpful hint to my generous family and friends.

1. Camera Strap.  Many SLRs come with camera straps very unattractive.  Getting a replacement one shows individuality and personality. I found lots of cute ones on like this one, like this one.

2. Point and Shoot Camera. Photographers love the latest technology.  This Canon s95 came out a few months ago and is an awesome fit-in-your-pocket companion.

3. iPod. The new iPod Nano Multitouch is perfect for the on-the-go photographer.  Its convenient, small and makes it easy to listen to your music while on a shoot.

4. Tutorial DVD. Learning from other professionals is one of the best ways to pick up new tips.    Joey L is one of the youngest, greatest photographers of our time and he has DVD tutorial that I can’t wait to watch.

5. Gag gift. How funny is this?  It’s a lens that doubles as a coffee mug.  Find this and so much more at the Photojojo store.

6. Laptop Accessory. This Rain Design mStand for MacBook/MacBook Pro is great for people who spend a lot of time on their laptop.  It raises the laptop so there is no heat on your desk, its easier to clean your tabletop surface, and its at your natural eye level.

7. Tripod Attachement. Making photo shoots an easier process, many tripods have an additional attachments for the legs.  This particular head by Gitzo creates easier movement between panoramic and different picture orientations.

Hope you find this list useful for the holiday season. I’d love to know if you guys use one of my suggestions so let me know by commenting below.

Don’t forget to visit my gallery for other gift ideas. Seasons Greetings!