I’m back from Cozumel and had an amazing adventure! Although I was sad to come back home, I was also excited that I get to share images with all of you from Mexico.

Check out these amazing links to some of the most gorgous sunrises and sunsets in the world:
I was traveling on Monday, so I posted an image I took in Great Falls National Park at sunset of double waterfalls.
On my last day in Cozumel, I woke up really early to get this shot of the sun rising over the ocean.
Then I posted an image of our first sunset in Cozumel. It’s kinda crazy how enormous the clouds are and the reflection it makes in the water.
Right next to our hotel, were these rocks which made a beautiful foreground for a sunrise image.
Now, for a bird’s eye view of the rocks on the shore.

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This image definitely came out way better than I thought it would. The sunrise was almost behind me when I took this image so I tried to get as much of the color from the sky as I could. I’m so happy that I could capture some of it.

These rocks were right by our condo/hotel. In the afternoons you could see locals coming here playing, snorkeling, and fishing. It seemed kinda dangerous cuz a lot of them were barefoot. When I took this image, I definitely wore my scuba booties.

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Taken right off the balcony on our first day there, the sunset was really breathtaking. Not because it was particularly colorful but because of the overwhelming clouds. I didn’t realize how the dark clouds could effect the lighting so much in the water and reflection.

Processing this image was a little difficult for me. Actually, this image and the previous sunrise image were both difficult. For this particular image, it was finding the right composition and the colorful sky. I had to do a single image HDR because the boat in the foreground kept on moving with the waves. The previous image, seen here, was difficult because I wanted there to be more color. That image also had to be a single image HDR just because of the waves moving.

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I’m back from my trip and I had so much fun. It felt like we were non-stop the whole time. Right when we got off the plane, we went on our first dive. I’ll post a video soon from all the diving we did.

We stayed on the west side of the island, where we could watch the amazing sunset right from our balcony. Since we were so non-stop it was hard for me to get a good sunrise. Every morning we woke up early to go diving or snorkeling so on our last day there, I finally got the chance to take a sunrise. We grabbed a taxi at 5:30am and asked to go to the beach. Once we got there, some police officers stopped us and said that the beaches are closed until 6:30. In my head I was kinda freaking out. I had to go somewhere to and get the sunrise or else why did I wake up so early. I tried asking the taxi driver if there was anywhere we could go to get a good view of the sunrise, if not at the beach but luckilyhe did some sweet talking and the cops let us take pictures right at the entrance of the beach. Although we didn’t get to go to the spot we wanted, I’m glad I at least got something.

The cops also said if we had gotten there 20 minutes earlier, we would of seen a sea turtle laying her eggs. It was pretty cool because we did see the big whole she dug and her little footprints. I really wish I had been able to see that. Something you don’t see in DC.

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