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Somehow I’m lucky enough to live right in the middle of two awesome airports, Dulles International Airport and Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport.  But for some reason, I’m always flying out of Dulles. So when the rare opportunity comes up to fly out of Reagan, I take FULL ADVANTAGE! I do my research and try to figure out where I can sit on the plane to make sure I get the birds eye view of the National Mall. If you want to do the same, read on…

I know you can see the monuments if you’re flying north of DC and about 50% sure you can see them when you’re flying west of the city. You definietly won’t see them if you’re flying south. So if you’re flying north, try to sit on the right hand side of the plane. Obviously, when you’re flying back to DC, sit on the left hand side. If you aren’t able reserve those seats, you’ll still be able to get pretty cool views of the Pentagon and Air Force Memorial on the opposite side so be on the look out for those. Either way, window seats are key! And have your camera ready right at take off or when you are descending. It’s  surprising how fast the memorials will pop into your window. You’ll see them as you’re climbing your way up to the clouds or when you’re right about to touch down.

In order to take this image, I was sitting in the window seat, but I had to lean into the middle seat to capture it. My intention was to capture the light coming from the window and use it to frame the monuments. I really like this image, but I also wish I went a little closer to capture only the monuments. Oh well! There’s always next time:

My settings for this image is 1/3200 of a second at F/8 ISO 1000 with my 16-35mm wide angle lens and Sony A7II.


All photos available for print and licensing >

Studying the Lincoln Memorial architecture in the snow, I was just in time to catch the airplane flying over. The first time it flew over, I was lucky. Then I knew I could expect them to come every 10-ish minutes because the flights weren’t delayed due to snow. YAY!

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While I was in Philadelphia, I spent most of my time at the University of Pennsylvania. I remember visiting the campus a while ago when my cousin was an undergrad there but haven’t been back since. I LOVED the campus. At first I loved how close all the colleges were together (Drexel, Penn, Wharton) but then while I was walking around I feel in love with the community. Everyone is so nice and friendly. I felt like I was home. The campus itself was beautiful and very clean. I also liked how there were plenty of shops and restaurants in the area to keep me entertained.