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I’m not sure how it happened but I spent a lot of time off from taking pictures in December. I think I was using cold, windy weather as an excuse. So it felt awesome when I got back out and shot my first sunrise of 2017. It was still cold and windy but I missed wondering around with my camera. I don’t want another long break like that to happen for a long time.

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I remember walking around the Capitol grounds and specifically thinking about lines and the architecture of this building. I was super inspired by @JasonMPeterson and wanted to do something similar. But this looks nothing like anything he would do. Especially since it’s in color and he’s a black and white photographer. HAHA. Either way, I love his work and you should check out his images on instagram.

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A few months ago, I was lucky enough to be selected to tour the Smithsonian Natural History museum before it even opened! It was so fun to walk through the empty halls. While we were waiting for everyone to gather in the Atrium Cafe I took the time to take a picture of these cool steps. I loved the lines and repetition it created from below.

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So glad it’s Friday! I had a busy week of meetings and appointments and currently listening to a lot of hammer banging because we’re getting repairs done to the house. It’s not the funnest thing to listen to while you’re working, but I’m glad our shower is finally getting fixed.

What are your plans for the holiday weekend?

Here are three things that I’m grateful for this week:

1. Theres nothing like seeing your work blown up and center stage in a law office right next to the White House! So exciting to see this in person.

2. Starting to work with interns. I have Nia who’s a film student at Howard U and Jon who’s a freshmen at American U. I’m excited to see what will come out of these two 🙂

3. Booked my trip to San Francisco.