Hi Everyone!

This past week has been crazy. Virginia was threaten with thunderstorms all week, so for most of my images I have some dramatic skies.

Take a look at Meadowlark Gardens with rain clouds.

The next day I headed to DC to shot the coolest building in the district, the National Museum of the American Indian.

I figured with the dramatic skies, Great Falls National Park would look nice. I was right!

The last two images of the week were older ones. The tornados eneded up being a little too much for this photographer. So, I posted an image of the Albert Einstein Memorial (how cute is Albie?) and the Kennedy Center at sunrise.

Heres a video review of my new/old Canon RS-80N3.

Two very exciting things happened this week (not in any particular order)
1. I was a finalist in the FotoDC Cherry Blossom Competition. Jump to 6:50 to see my image.
2. I’m in an ebook! 50 Awesome Things to do in Washington DC is not just an ordinary guide to DC. It’s so much more than that with restaurants, events, and tons of places to visit. Check it out for FREE!

Hope you all have a great weekend! I’ll be back next week with some awesome images of Vegas and maybe a vlog or two 🙂

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RS-80N3, Great Falls, VA, Potomac, Waterfall, HDR, landscape,

Whats the best part about freezing cold weather? Freezing cold water!

This shoot ended early when I was leaning against an icy rock and somehow a piece of ice gave out underneath my hand. My beautiful remote and my glove got completely soaked in the potomac water. I took a few more shots and attempted to get up when both of my feet went knee deep into the water. I got back to my house as fast as I could and immediately soaked them in hot water.

I want to try and go back soon.

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