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Last week was pretty epic. Not only did we have one of the coldest days of winter that we’ve had this entire season but it was also the super blood wolf moon eclipse moon turn red night too. I made up that long title but you know what I mean. Everything about last Sunday was intense.

I got a lot of messages asking if I photographed it and I’m sad to say I did not. I thought I would give moon rise a go and see how that went. If it wasn’t too bad I may have set my alarm to photograph the actual eclipse, but I just couldn’t. The moonrise was so cold and windy, I can still feel the wind blowing on my back. Coming from the California sun to highs of 15 degrees, my body was not ready for it.

So I spent the early evening with my friend, Birch chasing the moon rise. We used the app, photopills to help guide us where to go and ended up at the US Capitol. Once we saw it, we were both so excited. It was so big and beautiful. If you were out that night, you would have found us up and down Maryland Ave, basically screaming at each other through the wind saying how beautiful it was. LOL. I know cars driving past us most of thought we were crazy. LOL whatevs.

I finally came upon this closer to 3rd street. I love the way the moonlight is playing the street lamps. Even the lights lining the balcony on the US Capitol is very interesting for me to look at. If only that one street lamp on the left was on 🙁

My camera settings for this image is F4 at 1/160th sec with my Sony A7II and 70-200mm zoom.

Wishing you and your family a prosperous 2014!!

Washington Monument, dawn, sunrise, tidal basin, reflection, streaks, sky

So simple but I’ve never seen the sky look so subtle. I remember when I was processing this image I even impressed myself 🙂
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independence day, july 4th, fireworks, washington monument, scaffolding, washington dc, capital, united states, usa, america

Each year it’s always a challenge to find a unique angle for the fireworks in DC. This year, I was really happy with the results.
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pink moon, washington monument, reflecting pool wwi memorial, full moon, rising

Funny fact. A pink moon isn’t actually pink. I figured that out this night.
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In early September, I had a beautiful time in Sedona, AZ. I think we were there during a unusual time of the year. They were getting lots of rain which also meant lots of rainbows and clouds.
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This was my first time in Watkins Glen State Park and it’s pretty amazing. I would love to go again. This was my favorite image from that trip.
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