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Happy Weekend!
I made a video introducing myself to the youtube community and on my site. I’m pretty happy with it:

It’s pretty cool that I was able to get so many images from just one shoot. See what I mean:
I went to Manassas the day after Tropical Storm Lee left. I got this cool Foggy Tree, Stone House, and Canon on the Battlefield.
The actual day Tropical Storm Lee left I captured this image of the Lincoln Memorial at Sunset.
I’ve finally captured an image of the new MLK Jr. Memorial that I’m happy with.

Hope you all enjoyed the video and images.

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This was my third attempt at going to the Martin Luther King Jr Memorial. Why so many? The first time I went, it was closed. The second time, I was not happy with the images I came out with. Third time is the charm 🙂 I had heard that this memorial was finally open 24 hours, meaning I could go there for sunrise (my favorite time of day).

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Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

Martin Luther King Jr. gave his famous “I Have a Dream” speech 25 years ago today at the Lincoln Memorial. It was pretty awesome being there this morning and recognizing all the change that has happened since this moment in history.

To see more pics, visit my gallery.
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