FDR Memorial

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The cherry blossoms haven’t bloomed this year. I’m hoping they’ll be out at this time next week.

So this is an image I took last year around this same time. I have tried working on this image several times in the past year but I could never get it right. It’s really different from other images I create because of the lighting. I don’t have much practice with artificial lighting, especially outdoors like that. So whenever I edited it, the colors would look funny and didn’t like it. I’m so happy with the way this one turned out. It’s exactly what I had envisioned from the very beginning. Finally.

It was that same super foggy day that I took this image and this one. This just happens to be the very first image I took that whole morning. The fog had not fully settle in yet so you can see how it’s covering half of the Washington Monument. Little did I know that later on in the morning the entire monument would be covered. So cool!

And little did I know, I would drop my tripod in the Tidal Basin that day too. *face palm* #neverforget.

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The settings for this image is F8 at 2.5 seconds and ISO 160 with my Sony A7II and 16-35mm wide angle lens on a tripod.

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Out of all the places to photograph in Washington DC, the Tidal Basin is on top of my list. Why? Because it’s so just so dang easy to find free parking!

Please use the above map for reference.

You can park in Park A, the Paddle Boat Rental parking lot or all along Ohio Drive for up to 3 hours for FREE!!! And I’ve never really had any trouble finding parking in any of those places. The only exception is that you may have to drive for a bit on Ohio Drive to find parking if theres a baseball game or something going on, but free parking for up to 3 hours in Washington DC. Tell me that’s not a deal!!!

However this is not always the case during Cherry Blossom season. The Paddle Boat Rental parking lot is reserved for vendors and the rest is a free-for-all. Best of luck to you my friend. I’ll be there trying to fight the crowds as well.

All joking aside, the Tidal Basin is gorgeous all on its own. I love how you can walk from the Jefferson Memorial and in a few minutes be at the FDR Memorial or MLK Jr. Memorial all the while having fantastic views of the Washington Monument. And don’t even get me started on Cherry Blossom season, probably the best time of year to be in the District.

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This was taken at sunrise along the small foot bridge between the Jefferson Memorial and FDR Memorial during Cherry Blossom season.

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Another epic image from the foot bridge. It’s difficult to get a bad picture from this spot.

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View of the Washington Monument as you’re walking through the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial

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One of the newest memorials in DC, Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial

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Even in the autumn time, the Cherry Blossom trees are fantastic

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Along Kutz Bridge.

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And I had to add this one last one because I love it so much. Such a crazy foggy morning but the moisture from the Tidal Basin makes this absolutely perfect.

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