rain clouds

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This morning seemed like a regular morning. I woke up got and got ready to go to the gym. However, I didn’t go to the gym right away, I went to the Capitol to go shoot the sunrise. There were some gorgeous pinks and purples in the sky but I couldn’t find a perspective that I really liked. I’ll probably have to look at the images some other day with fresh eyes. So, I walked around the little reflecting pool and was trying to be a little more attentive to everything around me. That’s when I noticed the moon.

Usually it’s so bright and beautiful but this morning it was covered by the clouds. And thats when I noticed the lions by the Ulysses S Grant statue. It looked like they were staring right at it. Now I know I said a few days ago that I was going to try to be more mindful when I’m shooting, but the whole time I was trying to capture this image, I kept on thinking about President Underwood and what’s been going on in House of Cards. It’s been my latest TV obsession. AHHH what’s going to happen in the Underwood administration and how will they handle the pressures of their higher rankings. And is it me or is Doug extra creepy in this season?