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I know I’ve been talking about New Mexico a lot but I just loved it. It was my first time ever in the state, we spent most of our time on our road trip in New Mexico and overall, it’s just awesome. And top of that list was definietly, 100% White Sands National Monument.

It was a lot smaller of a park and a lot quieter of a place in general. I never felt like it was too crowded or impossible to take images without anybody in it. It was just so chill. I love this image in particular because it’s just so simple and what it’s really like being there. It reminds me of just walking along the sand – never too hot and relaxing in between your toes.  The best was being able to walk around the entire park without any shoes on.  I feel like every national park should be like that (or is that the asian side of me wanting to take my shoes off everywhere?). It was very much like walking along a beach with no ocean.

Besides the natural beauty of it, my favorite part of the park was the sledding! When we were first coming in to the park, there were these other two girls who were walking out. They offered us their snow sleds and without hesistation, we took them. Sliding down these dunes was so much fun. A lot better than I thought it would be. I felt like I was in elementary school again and it was our first snow day of the year. You can actually get a pretty good speed on these dunes if you find the right one.

This image was taken bright and early in the morning, right when the park opened. Don’t try to come for sunrise, you will be disappointed.

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Spent a beautiful morning wondering around the Smithsonian Gardens behind the castle. Such a beautiful place with not many people around.

Pro tip: another great place to catch the cherry blossoms when they bloom.

For now, they have these amazing magnolias trees. It was like flower heaven.

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You know it’s spring when you start seeing these bloom. If cherry blossoms are the official flowers of spring in the DC area, then I think magnolias are the second runner up. They’re everywhere and they’re so big and beautiful. I’ve even heard a few tourists ask if these were cherry blossoms. No… but they’re just as beautiful 🙂

magnolia tree, spring, flowers, pink, washington dc, branch, simple

While everyone is waiting for the cherry blossoms to bloom in the city, I was out over the weekend checking out the Magnolia trees. These trees are so beautiful and I love seeing them starting to bloom.

I’ve also been concentrating more on seeing what I love, simplicity and trying to stay true to my aesthetics. It’s not always shooting architecture with an amazing sky in the background. It’s about appreciating the little things in life that make me smile.